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  1. Melissa J. Fly says:
    3.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Pain (chronic); Arthritis; Arthrosis

    With the medication, my pain is so far under control that I can do my housework and participate in the social life limited. The side effects are with me, severe fatigue, dizziness, frequent circulation problems, heavy sweating. If I do not take oxycodone punctually, the first withdrawal symptoms appear relatively quickly, I notice that at first, because my nose is suddenly closed, and I get a strong inner restlessness. And what is especially annoying is the chronic constipation, without Movicol nothing works.

  2. Lorraine K. Morton says:
    4.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Dizziness; High blood pressure; Nausea; A headache; Pain (acute)

    after 2 tablets, in the morning once the side effects came! Symptoms of a low blood sugar! I was only in bed for 3 days, which one can not allow oneself as self – and permanent ones. The heel spurs and plantar fasciitis were gone, but at what price! Speaking of price, of the € 82.40 for the MEdikament I can now throw away € 79.10, because even if it eases the symptoms perfectly, even switches off, I will never take it again!

    Side effects: Circulatory problems; Fatigue
  3. Lisa P. Jackson says:
    5.0 rating

    I have been prescribed by the emergency department neurology in Berlin for insane peripheral nerve pain between old knee fracture and knee with swelling after extensive spinal op gabapentin, initially 2 daily and increased to a maximum of 6, who literally saved me, on the pain scale the pain was over 10. At first, I had massive Kreilaufbeschwerden, I almost fell over, but that was quickly better. Otherwise, I get along with them really well, I take only one evening in the evening when the Cage hurts in the back. The crawl is actually really unproblematic. Arcoxia helps fine, better than the Novalgim, and is actually completely unproblematic in the 60s form, the 90 he does not tolerate so well. The remedy is unfortunately so expensive that my orthopedist refuses to prescribe it. I only have it in get rehabilitation to practice better. If I had the choice I would only take 1 Arcoxia in the evening

    Side effects: Circulatory problems
  4. Ted B. Graham says:
    3.0 rating

    Arcoxia for Pain (back)

    Circulatory problems, severe pressure in the head, general malaise, flu-like symptoms, nausea. As if you were poisoned !!!