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  1. Elinor E. Conte says:
    2.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Metastasis; Breast cancer

    Zometa: at the first application for 3 days heavy body aches, chills, general malaise, a few days or weeks later changing complaints to bones and joints, which disappeared after 14 days again. Tip: Zometa is routinely added to 100 ml of solution within 15 minutes. For me, the side effects were significantly less after I was given the 500 ml infusion over 1.5 hours. Tamoxifen: hot flashes, hair grows only very slightly, weight gain despite permanent diet (started only after 1 year) Zoladex: as well (I can not distinguish which side effects of which drug come, since I get both at the same time)

  2. Virginia R. Carroll says:
    2.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    take tamoxifen is 8 mon. in addition zometa and trenantone. heat flashes up to 30 on the day of concentration disturbances chills and cold sensation even in high summer, but still after 5 hrs. work is 2 hours. lie down hip (recharge) HAVE LESS WITH LEGS. but that medicine keeps me alive. So you have to look at the whole thing a bit sporty.

  3. Melody C. Francois says:
    2.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    have just described my experience, comes to this: bone pain, muscle weakness, especially after Zometa (1/4 a year) for 2 nights chills and body aches, after taking ibuprofen better. Also gaining weight overall by taking tamoxifen and Herceptin (treatment ended on 13/03/2008)

    Side effects: Members hurt; Chills; Bone pain