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  1. Mary J. Brown says:
    5.0 rating

    I got my gynecologist Erythromycin 500mg prescribed for a week, because of a prophylaxis against a Ureaplasmen infection (my friend has this, with me was no smear, etc. pp made). I started taking it today, and about an hour later I have had palpitations (pulse over 120) and my blood pressure has risen to 150/100 mmHg, which is rather atypical for me, since this is usually about 110/60 mmHg. In addition, severe stomach and abdominal pain, some spasmodic, as well as nausea, dizziness, chills and disorders of perception. One tablet was enough for me, I will not take it any further … I have never felt so bad!

  2. Paul M. Eckman says:
    4.5 rating

    Was yesterday (Sunday at the emergency service), because I had no voice at all. The doctor prescribed erythromycin 500 for me. I should take 2 tablets three times (morning, noon, evening) on that day. Already after the first intake, about half an hour later I felt a little bit sick. I did not suspect the tablets at this time. It was so miserable because of the flu and the cold that I thought it was stirring. The afternoon nap of my 18-month-old son was quite convenient. I slept with him for two hours and then it was okay again. At four o’clock I took two more pills. Half an hour later, I was sick again … evil is still understated! I got a nausea, but unfortunately I could not vomit despite multiple attempts. Always had the feeling that my body was poisoned, wanted to let it out and not even bile I could spit. For that I had constant water diarrhea. I can not count it as often, but it was so common that I lost a lot of water. In addition, I was so hot that I got sweats and then again so cold that I had chills. My circulation became so bad that I eventually became panicked. I called my GP privately because I could not help myself. He came immediately. He injected me with the nausea and something so that I calmed down a bit again, because I was lying fastatemd on the couch. Unfortunately, the nausea did not diminish. The whole thing went until four o’clock in the morning (exactly 12 hours), then I fell asleep at some point and when I woke up, the nausea was gone, but my cycle was shaky until tonight. The drug I stopped immediately! I urge everyone from this antibiotic!

  3. Cheryl D. Cooley says:
    4.5 rating

    Got Erythromycin on the basis of an abscess in the genital area, never again will I take this antibiotic already after the first tablet I was dizzy and my circulation in the basement, on the 2nd day I took her anyway and from noon then I could not get out of it Bed I vomited, dizzy, chills, fever, feeling light-headed, stomach ache that felt like someone always pulls up my stomach up and down, and then constantly this hiccough to 🙁 I really recommend this antibiotics to anyone, I do not have it at all tolerated.