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  1. Antonia B. Hall says:
    4.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Stomach and intestinal complaints despite the avoidance of diarrhea-promoting foods (fruits and fatty foods). Unimpeded almost daily occurring, sudden diarrheal attacks up to 4 times a day. Fatigue and fatigue and probably also limited drug efficacy due to the disturbed food utilization and the water balance.

    Side effects: By snowfall; Fatigue
  2. Donna E. Townsend says:
    4.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Metformin as discussed, slowly crept in. At a dose of 1000mg daily abdominal pain and diarrhea began. On demand, nevertheless, gradually increased the dose to 2x850mg. Unfortunately, severe diarrhea with acute burning on the anus, severe stomach / intestinal spasms, nausea, loss of appetite.

  3. Susan R. Lee says:
    4.5 rating

    Metformin for Polycystic ovaries

    I take Metformin 500 3 X daily because of the disease PCO syndrome. KInderwunsch is present for 5 years and the rule has remained completely since the age of 18 years. In these years, much increased, without eating differently. With Metformin 500 I now have a regular (to the exact day) period and in the 8 months have lost about 17 pounds and even had an ovulation last month. In the beginning, had to deal with diarrhea, but after a few weeks was fixed. Can only recommend this drug. I am not a diabetic but still insulin resistant. Unfortunately, the PCO syndrome is not well known to the doctors. Am glad after many years to have come to a gynecologist with knowledge of this disease (metabolic disorder). This drug is an off-label use for this disease, so I get a private prescription and have to buy it myself for about 14 euros a month.

    Side effects: By snowfall