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  1. Alice B. Pope says:
    4.0 rating

    Side effects: at the beginning of use of Yasmin: breast tenderness; over time, further side effects occur in both Yasmin and Yasminelle: dry mucous membranes, decreased lubrication, fibroadenomas, headache, vaginal candidosis, digestive problems (flatulence, diarrhea), dry skin fibroadenomas persisting, but appear to gradually shrink, lubrication recovered always on

  2. Jeanette K. Tunnell says:
    5.0 rating

    Have been prescribed by my gynecologist the pill Yasmin. Had the first month throughout headache and a pulling and tightening in the chest but what happened after about a month. Was pretty quarrelsome and moody. At the beginning of the third pack, I got breathing problems (and very heavy breathing pains). As the pain became stronger and became unbearable I went to the hospital where thrombosis in the left leg and a bilateral pulmonary embolism were detected. Now I take Marcoumar for about 6 months and must wear a support stocking.

  3. Lucille K. Rodriquez says:
    3.5 rating

    In the first years of use except breast tenderness and some water retention no serious side effects. For about 1.5 years – Regular migraine-like headache with blurred vision, – often circulatory problems, – strong breast tenderness v.a. in 3 and 4 intake week, although I am actually a very balanced, calm and patient person: extreme irritability / strong, to depressive mood swings / tearfulness – & gt; always on time from the 3rd week of intake, at least until the onset of the menstrual period. -Water retention in the legs -Very bloated belly I expressed at my gynecologist the suspicion that I may no longer tolerate the pill. He put my symptoms into perspective and only recommended that I take the Yasmin through several months … which struggles me again. After reading these many accounts of similar side effects, and you can obviously see a connection to taking Yasmin, I will now change my FA and definitely switch to another pill.