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  1. Rosemarie A. Cox says:
    3.0 rating

    I got solian 50mg twice a day, because of my vertigo prescribed by my neurologist. After 3 weeks, my chest began to hurt! otherwise no side effects .. yet? the dizziness has become much less! I have become a lot more balanced and calmer!

    Side effects: Breast pain
  2. Elliott M. Varela says:
    4.0 rating

    Solian for Delusion; Psychosis

    can only say good about solian. was then set with solian to 200 mg daily. It took about half a year to get it right. after taking the symptoms went back very much. Feel me finally like a human again. easy side effects However, I can highly recommend this drug only weiters.hat helped me really great. Have taken 7 years and well tolerated.

    Side effects: Breast pain
  3. Thelma W. Michell says:
    4.5 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    At first, the symptoms went back. I was glad about that. I was very slim and athletic. Since I was vegan at the time and also had a lactose intolerance, I took Solian drops. In a low dosage. After about half a year, my body began to change. I stored water and steadily gained weight. Prolactin level also increased along with chest pain. I kept on doing sports running and strength training – nourished me healthy and still continued to grow. I also felt dull, without motivation and no longer had a good body feeling. Drug modification was not possible, because in all other neuroleptics lactose is included and I’ve taken most before and had the same side effects. Constipation was also a very big problem – without laxative was nothing more. I started to feel ashamed of my body. I took 18 kg to this point. And although I also run half marathon. Until about two months ago I took Solian, was unhappy and my mileage got worse and worse. I dropped out of anger and anger Solian also because of the very unpleasant constipation. I’m fine so far. I will continue to fight and let no psychiatrist tell me that there is no cure and that I have to take the medication for a lifetime. I think there is hope. But nobody wants to talk the medicine out of it, if he is fine with it. I also read, on the internet, that Solian is tested on animals, for me as a vegan and current vegetarian absolutely nogo. I wonder how they do that. Do the animals do well there then to test the drug?