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  1. William R. Gough says:
    4.5 rating

    Now, after 6 months of taking bicalutamide 150mg, the PSA level has dropped to 0.69 … from the original 12.5 … but mood swings, sweats and full unfamiliar depressive sensations are absolutely not brilliant. Would like to screw back time and never let the breast enlargement begun by bicalutamide be irradiated. The stuff works, but is for a man the absolute Oberhorror. Liver makes a boom in their values and I am flat from noon. One can recommend the stuff, if one realizes that it helps in a prostate cancer … but takes the rest in purchasing. Libido is unchanged, clean Orgassi very fine, is nothing to clean, but dry and easy pflop in contrast to earlier weia real doll was a real flop … just extended the life … must take man in buy … Therefore, the devil stuff can be recommended to continue …

    Side effects: Breast growth
  2. Robert R. Peck says:
    4.5 rating

    First intake was on 29.08.2013 Today, just 7 weeks later, my PSA value has dropped from 12.5 to 1.35. Which is why I also canceled my planning CT on 4.-5.-6.11 and start of irradiation 14.11.2013 in the Radio-Linac C in Tübingen. Tomorrow should be implanted a so-called spacer-gel insert between the intestine and the prostate. Now have complete confidence in my urologist and just take the chemical club with me. I have nothing to lose. Only gain …. Breast growth with exciting warts in Minitittiform … but can not compete with my wife but-potency has not changed, with much skill we are lucky, but without having to clean anything. Can only recommend to anyone to give advice in his Uro Spezie if trust exists. I like to drive a taxi …. and probably for a very long time in the pension.

    Side effects: Breast growth
  3. Martin A. Singleton says:
    2.5 rating

    Casodex for Prostate carcinoma

    Slight breast augmentation and sensitive nipples, beard growth and chest hair weaker.

    Side effects: Breast growth