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  1. Nancy W. Hesson says:
    4.0 rating

    Sumatriptan for Migraine

    I got a tablet Sumatriptan from a doctor to test it in migraine. Not a minute after ingestion (should have taken 100mg, fortunately took only half!) Tingled it all over the body …. and I got BREATHING !!! Heavy chest and tightness when inhaling. Since I did not feel better after 15 minutes, I called the RTW, they took me to the hospital. Unfortunately, there worked a Russian doctor who barely spoke German and did not understand me (and yes, I was in a German hospital!) …. so I went home without treatment … and the respiratory problems lasted a total of 5 hours ! The only positive: the migraine was gone afterwards …

  2. Patricia W. Lake says:
    4.0 rating

    Sumatriptan for Migraine

    The drug did not help at all. 15min.on taking, however, any side effects have occurred. I’ve got feelings of fainting, tingling, cold feet and hands, as well as difficulty breathing, tightness around the heart, sweating, dizziness, heat in the head and face, nausea, vomiting. Almost cardiovascular failure or collapse suffered. The next day and two consecutive days, I had swelling, had to go to the toilet 10 times a night, get kidney pain. After 1 week, I found that my monthly cycle was messed up Bleeding and for the second time this month my days! This was really a very bad experience. I will never take this drug in life and advise anyone who has not tried it yet. This can be very dangerous for sensitive people.

  3. Vince C. Vasquez says:
    2.5 rating

    Sumatriptan for Migraine

    After about 15 minutes breathlessness, severe tightness in the chest, tachycardia with pain, arms and legs tingling, right leg has convulsed, then neither arms nor legs felt, face tingling, jaw was totally cramped. In the midst of panic bad hyperventilating was added, so that I finally had to go to the hospital with the RTW incl.