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  1. John G. Hart says:
    4.0 rating

    I’m a bit scared of ciprofloxacin because I normally tolerate antibiotics! Even with a 250 mg package that was prescribed to me, I got the following side effects: * persistent drowsiness * loss of appetite * sensitivity * tightness in the chest (very strong) * drowsiness * lovelessness * neck pain, (or muscle pain), the barely get away are so uplifting in the head that it causes a kind of pressure in the head. Sometimes it calms down when you sit, you hardly get up, the pressure comes back acutely and is accompanied by unpleasant stitches. I get through these tablets, as if I would drink for 5 days or would be on the worst drugs, or must endure the toughest hangover of it!

  2. Angela J. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Stomach-intestinal infection-

    I had a severe stomach intestinal infection and was supposed to take the medicine morning and night (2 times 500mg). On the first day I did not notice, only that the inflammation in the abdomen eased. On the second day then extreme drowsiness about 1 hour after ingestion. I had to go back to bed and slept 4 hours like in a coma. I forced myself out of bed but felt extremely dull and weak. At night, extreme pain in the abdomen, which made me hardly sleep. On the 3rd day then dizziness associated with tight in the chest and the feeling just did not get enough air. Could only withstand sitting. Approximately 10 hours after ingestion, this subsided. In the night but then again total sleep disorders. Have never been able to sleep more than 1 hour. Pain in the legs and cramps in the abdomen. But the abdomen was much better than the night before. Of course I feel pretty weak and tired now, but so far no breathing problems anymore. If the antibiotic takes 10 days, the side effects should stop, I will discontinue it after the 5th day. You just feel worse than without. But also think that the dose is perhaps quite high for me. I’m only 1.71 tall and weigh 52kg.

  3. Vivian D. Turner says:
    4.5 rating

    On the last day of taking unbearable pain in the back / abdomen / abdomen / hips / flanks and butt. At first, I thought that the pyelonephritis had not healed, which was not confirmed after clarification by various specialists. No pain medication could relieve the pain. Partly I suffered from anxiety. Only after researching the Internet did it come to mind that these are side effects of AB. With the intake of magnesium and vitamin D, I was able to relieve the symptoms, but there were other NW added: pain in the ankles, knees, forearms, Daum tendon general weakness, sometimes associated with dizziness and nausea Food intolerances (never had problems before) Loud cracking all Joints clarification by various doctors is done, all findings and values are ok, except magnesium and vitamin D …… deficiency despite additional. Taking since February! This drug I had taken before (2011), at that time I had the following NW: tingling of the left half of the face, later on the arms and legs marked jaw pain half-sided head and ear dizziness pain in both calves tachycardia, sweating and tightness in the chest pain in the Area of the thoracic spine and under both ribs arches Unfortunately, I did not associate the symptoms with Cipro at all. Only since the last intake in January and the demand from my doctor, which I get AB 2011, I realize that the NW were