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  1. Tami C. Bender says:
    2.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Tinnitus; Sudden hearing loss

    At the beginning: Tachycardia, RR low, dizziness, hot flashes Visual disturbance throughout: Dizziness, blurred vision, depressive mood, face pimples, drug rash, joint problems, fatigue, forgetfulness increased, thinking impaired, euphoric relapses But falling asleep worked well 🙂 after all

  2. Erin J. Ryan says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Lung infection

    Prednisolone for carminative pneumonia. 1st week in the morning 40 mg, 2nd week 30 mg, 3rd week 20 mg, soon 10 mg, etc. Side effects include blurred vision, dizziness, high blood pressure, increased appetite, weight gain, gums hurts in places, tremors, sensory disturbances, mood swings, aggression, Forgetfulness, blurred vision, at night partial pressure on the chest, flatulence, lying awake at night for several hours, in the afternoon food cravings, water retention on the face, partial joint pain in the hips and knees. Why does not my doctor tell me about these side effects before ?! Especially about the risk of osteoporosis and that you should also take calcium?

  3. Chadwick L. Diamond says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Dizziness

    After the shock therapy with 3 applications, therapy was switched to tablet form. Initially with 90mg in the morning, then spread to the day, then dose down to 80mg and now to 60mg descending by 2mg less a day. At first I was fine, but after about a week, it started with euphoria, turning up, racing heart. In contrast, there are now drugs that are designed to keep the adrenaline under control. This was accompanied by dizziness that does not even go away when you turn your head, balance problems when walking. Fast walking is no longer possible. I get pimples / acne on my back, on my face, on the tip of my tongue and on my neck. My skin, especially on the hands, looks dry, white and wrinkled, like someone older. I’m only 42. I’m fat, constantly hungry, water retention under the eyes, get a big face and can only tilt my head back with difficulty (bull’s neck). Problems with climbing stairs. I have the feeling of being powerless. For some time furry taste in the mouth. Somehow everything tastes bland and carbonated, for example in Cola triggers a burning on the tongue. I have the impression that the hair grows slower and the nails softer. From time to time I have blurred vision, so blurred, sometimes left right times. Ophthalmologist examined, all i.O., probably comes from this devil stuff. I was declared unfit for driving, very good, then I can kill myself right away, where I’m not far away. Oh yes and I think I have a funny smell on me or I smell too bad. I just want to get rid of that stuff. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever come across drug and about which I was never enlightened by anyone.

  4. Virginia C. Texeira says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone is actually a universal medication. It is equal to cortisone! And cortisone is also mostly suitable for everything and everything. But both of these preparations in the case of prolonged dosing absorb the body, starting with the face! It looks like bloated … And with prolonged ingestion, or injections, I got after about 20 minutes, blurred vision and a very unpleasant iron taste in the mouth. You should definitely avoid driving a car!

    Side effects: Face swelling; Blurred vision
  5. Anna S. Purser says:
    4.5 rating

    Take the drug only for 3 weeks (expected duration 3 months after cessation). -Sleep disorders that I can not actually drive-dizziness and killer problems -burning and stomach ache (in the evening only increased, otherwise everything goes up) -Cramps in calves and hands -Breaks and constipation -Hair loss -extreme sleep disorders !!! (lie awake at night for several hours with increased pulse) which is funny, that I have no moon face and rather AB- than increasing!?!?!

  6. Darlene J. Fleming says:
    5.0 rating

    After I could not move because of my back pain, I got these tablets prescribed. But then the horror began. Everything started with tachycardia, anxiety and dizziness. Sometimes I just could not breathe because it made me panic myself. The circulation went so far into the cellar that I fell over and landed in the hospital. Take the tablets for 3 days now no more and I am getting a little better from day to day. I could move again only the side effects have actually knocked me off my socks and were probably too strong … that was for me in any case the last time that I have taken these pills.

  7. Ella A. Keen says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Arthritis

    Hello, at the beginning I was fine with the administration of cortisone. The pain disappeared relatively quickly. The pain started like a flu, with pain in the feet, knees, and wrists until the push was so bad that I could not climb stairs anymore, and I was totally stiff (morning stiffness). Rheumatoid factors could not be detected in the blood, but with X-ray images, a change has been noted. The first few weeks I took 20 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the evening, that was 7 weeks ago. Now I am on 5 mg and 2.5 mg. For 3 weeks I have been feeling dizzy and nauseous in the afternoon, and then I can not go straight for 3 – 5 minutes. Since last sunday I can see double pictures around lunchtime. Was already at the neurologist and Kernspin, but it’s all ok. The blood values are ok. Never had such problems before, I suppose it comes from cortisone. Thought I had my change (I’m 56 years old) brought around without night sweats, because, since I take cortisone I turn the blanket all night around because I’m hot. Cortisone is already interfering with the hormone and circulatory system. That is not completely without it. If Cortison is expected to take until the end of January 2011, then it will decide what I have to do then.

  8. Andre W. Harris says:
    4.5 rating

    Prednisolone for Morbus crohn

    Kortision helps quickly and relatively well. If only there were not all the side effects. I have to take it since 01/2006 at different intervals and dosages. In 09/2007, my inflammation became so severe that only a dose of 120mg over 10 days remedy. Then it went weekly in 20 steps down to 80mg, then back up to 100mg (because of the inflammation). Then down to 60mg. Then up to 80mg again. Then I made it to 20mg and had to go up to 60mg again and then managed to sneak out. The salvation process was very painful for me. I was startled by leg cramps at night, had strong cortisone acne, severe mood swings, sleep disorders, bulls, weight gain up to 17kg, endless water retention, heavy legs, fatigue, euphoria, Cushing’s syndrome, severe vision problems in both eyes, heartburn. In the meantime, I did not leave the house for about six weeks. The following has helped me with the symptoms: magnesium for cramps; Stinging nettle, bowl salts No. 7 (e.g., the hot sieves, ten tablets in a glass of boiling water, stirring with a plastic spoon) against the water retention; Drüfusan against cortisol acne; Rennie against the heartburn; Psyllium husks against diarrhea, constipation and flatulence (life threatening in stenoses); Vitasprint (vitamin B12) for fatigue. IMPORTANT IN THIS TIME IS THE INTRODUCTION OF IDEOS (calcium preparation, it prevents, inter alia, osteoporosis) (there is the way, by prescription)! Cortisone is a difficult time, but it will pass someday.