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  1. Christopher V. Carr says:
    4.0 rating

    Micardis for High blood pressure

    With interest I read a report published here about side effects when taking micardis plus in the form of Sehstörungen.Leider I can only confirm that. I never had problems with the eyesight. For quite some time now I have seen double pictures with my right eye. The left eye also has only 60% vision. An examination at the ophthalmologist and a CT did not reveal anything serious. The assumption is close that the visual disturbances are triggered by medication. Who has experience and can help.

    Side effects: Blurred vision
  2. Adrian S. O'Connor says:
    3.5 rating

    Micardis for High blood pressure

    After a long period of application, conjunctival irritation of the eyes, red eyes, is now more pronounced. Only with drops that keep the eyes moist is the condition bearable. Furthermore, a blurred vision is often noted; the eyes fail to sharpen what they have seen. The dose consists of 40mg twice a day.

    Side effects: Eye redness; Blurred vision
  3. Harry K. Williams says:
    1.0 rating

    Micardis for High blood pressure

    Muscle aches. When climbing stairs, you have sore muscles. By the plus in the Micardis, I took 80/25 I got blurred vision and sweaty feet! After 6 weeks erection problem. But worst of all, the motility of the sperm went down a lot. One could say that one became incapable of generation. Have dropped off after consultation with the doctor, the drug. Try another medicine now.