Blurred vision effect of Fentanyl

We have 105 consumer reports for Fentanyl. Blurred vision effect occurred in 4%.

Patients statistics on Blurred vision side effect for Fentanyl


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Average height in Ft
5′ 3″
5′ 11″

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Fentanyl Circle Diagram 4 consumers of 105 reported about Blurred vision

  1. Anna J. Turner says:
    4.0 rating

    Fentanyl for Disc prolapse

    My pain level has become bearable. From former strength 7/8 I’m now through the pavement at 2-3. I can tolerate that. However, the NW increasingly burden me more and more. I do not remember when I was really awake the last time. The constant tiredness paralyzes all activities with me. In addition, reluctance to eat or lack of appetite and blurred vision has been coming for several months. Will try to find another solution with my pain doctor. NW: constant tiredness, loss of appetite, blurred vision, sleep disorders despite tiredness and sweating

    Side effects: Blurred vision; Anorexia; Fatigue