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  1. Sandra A. Haefner says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    When I started with a dose of 30mg it was already very severe the side effects. From vision problems to dizziness and circulatory problems. Now I take the drug for 5 years and have no problems with my current dose of 30mg again. In the meantime I had 60 and 90 mg, but I have to say that at 90mg I did not have any sex life! I am not sure if it is due to Cymbalta but I have been steadily gaining weight but are taking other medications.

  2. Elizabeth J. Lange says:
    3.5 rating

    At the beginning of taking gastrointestinal problems, mild blurred vision, fatigue, after about 4 weeks, the side effects gradually released about a quarter of a year put the full effect. Am today much more resilient and considerably relaxed. Positive side effect: less back pain, despite herniated disc! Certainly also through more activity.

  3. Jordan T. Gage says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    I’ve been taking about 1 year now, about 60mg / d. 2-3 days of hallucinations, euphoria, nausea, blurred vision. Side effects disappeared very quickly. Depression too. After 9 months, depression increased again, in addition to a terrible paranoia. Weight gain 20kg / j For 3 days now 120 mg / d. increased sweating, fatigue and so a strange melancholy, thoughtful mood already the whole day. Not really bad … but not good either … weird. do not talk. Oh. Weaning is hell! I’ve tried 2 times at 60 mg. Surrender, nausea all day, extreme surges (neuropathy) What should be the first at 120mg?

  4. Edward C. Cate says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety disorders; Depression

    Initial situation: Moderate to severe depression with suicidal tendencies and strong basic anxieties for years. Small odyssey by doctors’ offices, pharmacies, clinics. After several attempts with similar drugs (for example, Cipralex), I was prescribed by the treating specialist Cymbalta. Since I suffer in parallel to a very painful Athros in the lumbar region, the goal was to use Cymbalta at the same time as an analgesic, which last succeeded largely. The depression and anxiety attacks were largely reduced. As far as the success story – and now the price I had to pay: 1. Continuous insomnia. The sleep deprivation went so far that on some days I took alcohol in large quantities to me to be able to sleep at least once in between one night. This resulted in a chaotic daily routine. I was usually very tired but could not sleep. In addition, persistent jerking of the right side of the body down to the soles of the feet, as soon as one lay. The sleep and sedatives prescribed for the occasion had practically no effect. 2. Hypertension & amp; Cardiovascular disorders: Hypertension was treated with the drug Vascord. Here, however, came the o.g. Alcohol consumption in the way (this topic is treated only in passing). 3. After several weeks of treatment with Cymbalta, there were pronounced allergies and water in the legs, which swelled up and I could barely use the existing shoes. There were small open spots on the legs and the dermatologist warned me urgently in front of permanently open legs. 4. Extensive libido loss 5. Extremely disturbing dry mouth i.V. 6. A very strange effect of taking 2x30mg = 60mg Cymbalta daily, in my view, was that the described back pain and pain in the left leg increased dramatically when taking only 30 mg Cymbalta compared to the initial state and on the Level of 60 mg overall decreased noticeably again. 7. Secondary disorders: dizziness, pain in the kidney area, abdominal pain, burning eyes i.V. with vision problems, freezing at room temperature with goose bumps?!, problems with joints similar to rheumatism, permanent eructation, rudimentary features, which are comparable to Parkinson’s. Conclusion: Now that some synthetic Phamazeutika for the treatment of depression and anxiety under medical supervision with me came to the application and the drug Cymbalta proved by far the most compatible, strengthened with me the feeling, in this way an increasing, creeping poisoning of my body not to be missed, especially as the above Allergy i. V. with itching all over the body became more and more disturbing. After I was again prescribed a drug just against such side effects, I have in my sole discretion `pulled the emergency brake and now I prescribed an immediate stop of taking all drugs of synthetic origin. From now on I try to `detoxify` the body. After that, I will use natural remedies such as B. Hyperiplant 600 return! Although these herbal medicines cause due to the necessarily high concentrations, regularly pronounced intestinal colic, but a regular sleep is guaranteed and a permanent sleep deprivation would be the end for me anyway. At the same time, I hope to get through a week’s withdrawal and conversion to some extent. CC to my doctors

  5. Herbert C. Bryant says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Background After a short change of Cipralex, I started with Cymbalta about 4 years ago, because I swallowed soft drugs for about 8 years to forget about my youth. I was mentally and physically abused / beaten. The accompanying psychological behavioral therapy lasted only about half a year. After that I was stable again. Now it was time to drop Cymbalta. Please stay on it! Cymbalta 60 to 30mg so after 2 years of taking Cymbalta I tried to reduce from 60mg / dose / day to 30mg / dose / day. Unfortunately from one day to the other day. Well, I dropped into a black hole. Aggression, anxiety disorders, sweats, flashing headache and a completely ‘nebulous’ head. Working was no longer possible. For info: I do not work physically, but top-heavy (mathematical / computer science). As an optimist I thought: .. not yet, but in a few months. Half a year later we traveled to Asia. Sun, sea and sweet idleness. Same procedure: discontinuation of 60 to 30mg / day dose Cymbalta. What should I say: I had no side effects. Even after the 4 weeks vacation, when we were back home. Yabadabadoo !! Only 30mg on the hump! Set Cymbalta from 30 to 0 Difficult but doable! First of all – for me it was difficult to stop Cymbalta altogether. But it is feasible. If you are unstable, you have another stumbling block. Did you know that you are unstable because this was ‘educated’? This too is changeable! My partner, does not think much of chemistry and conventional medicine. Emergency medicine yes, otherwise no. Too much money, power and not man. We talked about natural medicine almost every day. I was skeptical. That should work? I do not know. In addition to a hidden depression and anxiety disorders, I apparently had to swallow other medications as I was told. Otherwise I would die – aha. So I came up with 6 tablets a day. My partner has dealt with every single drug. So he said one day that the 5 tablets contain cytotoxin. Unbelievable – or. I immediately discontinued these medications in consultation with my great orthodox medical doctor. But back to Cymbalta or the ability to sell Cymbalta easier. On the web I read that you can break the 30mg cans and count the little beads and this can settle so slowly. I told this to my new ‘nature doctor’. She advised against such a deposition, since the coating of these capsules are prepared to withstand stomach acid. Inevitably, of course, I wanted to know how to get away from this Cymbalta. Quite simply, she says (I had to laugh): omit Cymbalta every other day. For this take these tablets ** one in the morning and one in the evening. For two weeks. Then we’ll meet again. ** The mentioned tablets with natural ingredients increase the seratonin level. This is how depression is treated in a natural way. The tablets are used against: depression, migraine, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, appetite suppression. If you want to know what it is and what it means, ask nicely 🙂 !! No, I do not deserve it and I’m not a naturopath. I was just a plagued Cymbalta contemporary and pass on my valuable experiences here for FREE. After 14 days 50% less Cymbalta The first 7-10 days of the creeping deposition of Cymbalta with help and in combination of Nature XXXX proceeded without complaints. Quite right – WITHOUT COMPLAINTS. So one day Cymbalta 30mg and nature XXXX morning / evening. No Cymbalta next day but nature XXXX morning / evening. By the way, Nature XXXX is not on an empty stomach. But the detailed information a.A. After about two weeks it started. Pretty sure it has to do with the fact that I completely renounced Cymbalta after two weeks and only took nature XXXX to me. Grummschädel (as if I had cotton in my head), swindle, I could not work (physically would go!), Nightmares (my dog stood as a bleeding skeleton before me – dreadful), in the visual image appeared red dots, hypersensitivity to light and shadow, Nausea, nerve twitching and pain. I can calm you down. It quickly subsides. These side effects last about 3-5 days. Anyway, it was like that with me. Now I am completely without Cymbalta for 10 days. Hallelujah !! I wanted to take Cymbalta again on individual days. Leave it! Hold on. Talk to your fellow man, doctor or confidant. I feel better every day. I feel again who I am. I feel and live my personality. An almost forgotten, great feeling not to be constantly dampened. Thank you, just thanks to all who have kept to me. My dearest friend and partner, my new nature doctor and not to forget:

  6. Lois R. Rodriguez says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Somatization; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Hello, I have been suffering from depression, sleep disorders and chronic pain for about 20 years. For many years this was not recognized by my family doctor and therefore mistreated, e.g. with painkillers. Several therapies have failed. For some years I go to the psychiatrist and have tried different antidepressants but dropped off because of very high side effects. Recently, a scientific study was looking for people with depression who should get Cymbalta. Unfortunately, I was not in the mood for it, because they had people who had suicidal thoughts schonmal not allowed to take. But there was a good one, I ordered Cymbalta from my psychiatrist. Yes, this medication is the Oberhammer, I had only mild side effects for the first week, mild headaches and tiredness and blurred vision, that was not an issue in the second week, as flew away. Now I have an orgasm disorder and less sexual interest, but I can live well with that, especially since my partner is not so active. After about 3 weeks I got a great drive, full of the desire to take the life again, to occupy me. Now after 5 weeks I feel that I have been blind for decades and finally able to see. It’s as if my eyes have been opened. A clear mind, the clouds warped, nothing that clouds the senses. I can sleep well, sleep through and have no more nightmares that have always burdened me a lot. At the beginning with Cymbalta I had changed dreams, a bit confused, which has normalized after only one week. The pain is reduced, but I still take 30mg, which I would like to increase to 60mg. I’m still a bit scared because of side effects, but my psychiatrist has already given the go-ahead, and I’m glad for that I’m feeling so good. He said I look like the flourishing life. I am back in life!