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  1. John M. McGlothlin says:
    5.0 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder

    After a month, little is yet to tell about the effect, but Seroquel seems to me to do well. The side effects are still a bit severe. Initially, I had to deal with dizziness or drop in blood pressure. The tiredness helps me to sleep through, although in the morning to spend some time really awake, but that is absolutely tolerable. The strongest side effect is the weight gain, strong heart palpitations, tight chest when breathing, change of hot flashes and shivering and the withdrawal symptoms (= rising from anxiety to the next dose)

  2. Kelly J. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    Seroquel definitely worked for me against the ever-threatening fat psychosis. That’s what all the other medicines of the past 16 years have done. Like all these medications, Seroquel made quite dramatic side effects: soon after taking it, it forces you into a tiredness, dullness, sometimes I thought I was going to pass out. After about a quarter of an hour passed this consciousness-clouded phase, but really powerful I was then the whole day nicht.Der blood pressure went as an outside sign for it in the basement.There was that falling asleep, the combination of stuffy nose, difficulty swallowing and pressure the chest led to suffocation attacks. After about 2 years this subsided, because the dose was lower. The weight was about the same (I have since the ingestion of neuroleptics anyway 20-30 pounds overweight) As a really corrosive NW Restless Leg syndrome came to falling asleep. That and the fear of suffocation made me afraid to fall asleep. On the other hand, I was given Tavor. I’ll take that today (at night). Since April of this year I take the new Seroquel prolong. That too makes you tired. But you only take it once a day because it’s the slow release version of Seroquel. I take it to the night (300 mg). At the same time I carried out a nutritional change. Nevertheless, I took 10 kilos. The weight gain has come to a standstill in the meantime, I also have no more suffocating attacks, and so, after a while, I also lose the fear of falling asleep. I rarely have restless legs, especially if I eat something sweet at night AFTER taking it. Oh yes, since 1996 I have nocturnal seizures, but can not establish a causal relationship with the tablets. But one observation is clear: granulated sugar, eaten after the night medication, made me restless-leg u, on the other hand, only helped getting up and running around, although I was totally tired. The paradox was that I got up, but magically dressed in the fridge, always looking for something edible-a vicious circle. I’ll do it now, but I’ll avoid anything where there’s sugar in it. Now the legs only rarely twitch. Conclusion: Any NW have probably all meds, great is not. But I’ve learned that I can not get along without it (I can only speak for myself), I’ve tried it without it, which resulted in an unprecedented boost. Now I swallow the tablets. I think that the body gets used to the drugs, sometimes to formulate cautious … and advise to slow, gradual reduction to individual optimal dose (maybe down to zero). I myself made a cold withdrawal and that was – as I said – fatal. The Seroquel prolong I can tolerate halfway, but I still find myself too weak, which often makes me dissatisfied. It does not do this fainting state like Seroquel, but it spreads the fatigue evenly throughout the day. Nochwas: For years I had dyskinesia, long-term consequences of Haldol / Rispedal; Now hands and feet do not feel like it anymore, maybe this is also due to yoga and meditation. Or the new medication … who knows?

  3. Jimmie M. Whalen says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    Leponex: Leponex has my fears for the duration of the application complete, although I continue to diligently have mixed use of common psychotropic substances. Only cocaine elicited strong paranoia despite the drug. An unpleasant side effect was the morning vollgesabberte pillows, also the prescribed monthly blood pictures were very annoying, but absolutely necessary, otherwise the attending physician may issue no further prescription. Reason: life-threatening change in the number of leukocytes as a possible side effect. The most unpleasant part, however, comes only on discontinuation of the drug, it comes mostly, so in my case, to a new psychotic episode, despite otherwise taking neuroleptics, only after 3 – 6 months back off completely. Leponex is also referred to as Dirty Drug because the synapses regenerate slowly after weaning. In addition, it may happen that L. favors diabetes. Seroquel Prolong: The drug is well tolerated, except for the dry mouth, unfortunately, it also promotes low blood pressure. I am also of the opinion that every now and then a kind of seizure occurs (with Kieferverschiebung or similar). The same is also in the leaflet. My doctor says it can not be! Otherwise, I feel very well adjusted (800mg to the night). However, I have also learned that cannabis use largely loses its effectiveness. For a year I live THC-free and I have none of my previous years of ongoing complaints. No depression, no drive weakness, no sociophobia and no future fears. The previously restrictive paranoid thrusts and ego references and above all the thoughts, my environment think bad about me or plan intrigues, are all gone. These fears I had over a period of about 28 years, so since the beginning of my puberty and the simultaneous onset of my Polytoxikomanie (compulsive use of drugs of any kind and dose, and the mixture of various substances) I have now for the first time since I am aware of my problems, persisting in the feeling that it is much better. And that makes me proud too!

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  4. Earl D. Marshall says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis; Depression

    Previously taken Risperdal that I had not tolerated at all. Extreme restlessness, tachycardia, falling asleep hands, etc. Seroquel is now considerably more bearable despite some side effects. Seroquel: At the beginning of the treatment after 1-2 hours extreme tiredness, heavy lead and tachycardia. After a few weeks to months improvement of the extreme fatigue and the leaden heaviness. Heartases and drop in blood pressure still occur intermittently. Temporary dizziness, tiredness and heaviness that you can still endure, return after about 3 hours. After taking longer fatigue / slackness, sleep needed. This will be better after months / years. At dose reduction z. Zt. 200mg with side effects at least from noon satisfied until you have to take it back in the evening / at night. Problem such as short-term memory, forgetfulness. Concentration even after previous intake OK, but aircraft mechanic or doctor I would like to be because of the forgetfulness not straight. After getting used to, now after 2 years I notice the initial side effects like extreme tiredness, leaden heaviness only now and then. However, existing problems / side effects: weight gain within 2 years 10kg; increased blood lipids; higher liver values despite rarely to no beer; dry mouth after ingestion; temporary drop in blood pressure / dizziness approx. 1 hour after ingestion and disappears after some time; take more water at night after taking it, doctor says drug could weaken the heart and thereby nocturia; as in any neuroleptics frequent sexual discomfort / dysfunction and in personality / behavior after taking somehow slowed down and more serious; As with others also occasionally shivering on the feet and often 2 pairs of socks necessary: So neuroleptics certainly do not depend and side effects are hopefully reversible; The side effects are stressful but for me more positive than with first Risperdal. The life expectancy and zest for life should be very limited by neuroleptics. It does not help that the condition without is not foreseen and then the life expectancy could be even lower.