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  1. Nancy D. Ford says:
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    Amitriptyline for A headache

    Problems while taking the drug: 1. always: extreme dry mouth (without fluid intake, the speech was not possible in places, especially at the beginning of treatment with amitriptyline), 2. always: extreme fatigue, 3. mostly: low blood pressure, 4. sometimes: Dizziness When weaning extreme difficulties: 1. always: dizziness 2. always: nausea 3. always: groggy 4. always: loss of appetite and light weight loss (about 3 KG in a week), 5. always: weakness, dejection, fatigue 6. Always: Extreme (!) Suicidal Thoughts 7. Always: Increased headache (I am 100% sure that the symptoms described above are related to discontinuing the medication.) I am at the beginning of the medication after two weeks out of desperation, relapsing into my original dosage, within a few hours the symptoms were completely gone g) as if they had never been there.) Note: The amount of amitriptyline I took was comparatively very low (50 mg)!