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  1. Norma J. Williams says:
    4.0 rating

    Janumet for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    I have tolerated the Janumet very well, but got a bloated stomach, last had a fasting value of 140, Hbc1 value of 6.6 and the diabetes doctor has switched to Januvia 100mg and forxgia5mg, the bloated stomach is gone, but the values are extremely high sober 170 , 180, but the Abblähbauch is gone. That can not be true, tolerate tablets well, the doctor says I should hold out, it takes time until my body has got used to the tablet change. Take the tablets now 3 weeks, give me 1 week then I am back with my doctor whom I greatly appreciate as an excellent internist. Will tell you more career

    Side effects: Bloating
  2. Richard H. Shifflett says:
    5.0 rating

    Too much wheat beer !! Am now after a week after diet back to about 150 (long-term value was 280 and peak was 540!). I take Janumet 50 every morning for breakfast and before going to bed. Despite low calorie diet and zero beer, my overweight is unchanged. If I omit Janumet, then the sugar value rises around 20-30. Side effect may have been a tight belly, take OMEP now. The effect of Janumet 50 seems to be to prevent the liver from giving off glucose, especially at night. A brisk walk before going to bed causes miracles, but I do not do that in wind and weather. The regular measuring of the blood sugar and the ambition helped to bring it down again.

    Side effects: Bloating