Bleeding effect of Diclofenac

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  1. Sebastian E. Bills says:
    3.5 rating

    Diclofenac for Pain (joint)

    Due to severe shoulder pain doctor’s visit.Description of diclofenac 75, daily 2 tablets. After 2 days severe bleeding rectal.Short unconscious.On the 3rd day deposition of diclofenac and emergency hospitalization.Blood loss within 1.5 days about 3 liters.It was the highest mortal danger.Ca one week Intensivstation.Laut statement of the doctor treated it No chance of survival 2-3 hours later.

    Side effects: Bleeding
  2. Mark E. Price says:
    4.5 rating

    My dad had surgery on the pancreas 18 years ago. At that time it was very bad for him. Only because of a new study he survived. Since then, he was diabetic, no longer drinking alcohol and limiting smoking to 2-3 cigarettes a day. Over time, he also got blood thinners. Exactly one year ago my father died. On 20.12.2009 he took Dicolfenac. At night it came to stomach bleeding and thereby to a bloody bowel movement. This was not immediately noticed, but interpreted as diarrhea of a gastrointestinal flu. In the early morning then to the hospital. Immediately emergency surgery, because due to the blood thinners too much blood was lost and a part of the stomach was completely over. OP went well, but my father did not recover at the age of 69 and died on 23.12.2009. Based on the drug list of the pharmacy was found that my father has been prescribed the drugs for many months. My dad went to the doctor every week. Whether he got a proper examination there can not be said.

    Side effects: Bleeding; Bloody chair
  3. Wade K. Diaz says:
    2.0 rating

    Diclofenac causes me stomach aches, intestinal collisions, convulsions and bleeding. Pain and inflammation-lowering effect on oral intake is not noticeable.