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  1. Laurel D. Duncan says:
    3.5 rating

    Yasmin for Cycle disorder

    Initially taken normal with regular bleeding. Here water retention in the thigh area. The last 2.5 years only every 3-4 months let my days come, because taken pill package. No problems at the beginning. The last year, however, increasingly: spotting, loss of libido, dryness vagina, muscles in the abdomen partially cramped (pain when penetrating sex – PS regularly have sex for 8 years and never have problems!), Chest pain just before the days in the Last year, many spider veins came to it! Have now switched to Valette due to the bleeding now, because my gynecologist said that it was the only one currently on the market where you can go through the pill 4-6 months without any problems. Take them in for 1 month … teilw. Problems. Later, if I take it longer, more about it … because my body has yet to get used to it.

  2. Vivian S. Okamoto says:
    3.0 rating

    In the first two months n. Ingestion: circulatory problems to mild syncope, bleeding After that no side effects felt and not for 7 years. 🙂

    Side effects: Between bleeding
  3. Katherine J. Lopez says:
    4.0 rating

    I took Yasmin for almost 3 years when I was 24 years old. I had problems with the compatibility of my contact lenses – which I have been using since I was 12 – during this time, but no other complaints. After two children and 10 years without taking any pill – covered by condoms – 6 years ago I started again with Yasmin, on the first day of my period, as it should be. After 9 days, I got spotting, which was quite strong and menstruation-like. When these bleeding did not disappear after 5 days, I discontinued the pill. But in the last 4 weeks I have repeatedly bleeding, sometimes strong and full of tissue, sometimes more like spotting. and in between 2 to 3 days nothing. I have to say that the last 10 years, before I started the pill again, every 28 to 30 days my cycle had, like a clock regularly. And during the time I took the pill, I never had spotting.

    Side effects: Spotting; Between bleeding
  4. Joy R. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    After not so long search, I now hope to have come to the bottom of all evil! I read some of your testimonials here and it fell like dandruff from the eyes – the Yasmin is poison and should be taken off the market! I’ve finished my current streak and am now taking a pill break and hope to get rid of all the side effects. In the first few weeks I found the Yasmin quite good, the skin improved and I did not gain weight, but again and again I got bleeding. After about 5 months it stopped, but after a short time it started again. After 6 months, my stomach slowly blew up, I look like the 5th month pregnant, although I am very slim. Also stomach problems, nausea and diarrhea torture me for weeks again and again for no apparent reason. The Migraeneattacken and permanent headache in the last about 3 weeks before Abruch made me crazy. Also, I could note significant mood swings and tearfulness, my friend recently said to me that he no longer dares to say anything, because otherwise I would get a totally overblown emotional outburst. I have been very healthy before taking Yasmin and are constantly bothering with colds, allergic skin reactions, stomach problems, bladder infections and pain (wherever). Maedels, keep your hands off this devil as soon as you realize something is wrong. The Yasmin I definitely do not recommend.