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  1. Debra W. Adams says:
    2.0 rating

    two days of lower abdominal and lower back pain due to onset; after putting, pain for a few days after intercourse; frequent spotting for about one month (then two months sporadic onset of SB); painful menstruation for about two months; Completely free of complaints after three months

  2. Livia R. Elwell says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Dizziness; Pain (back); Fatigue; A headache

    Hello, tomorrow it’s been a week since I decided to wear a mirena on the advice of my FÄ and I can only say that I regret this decision every day since then. Surely there are women who tolerate the Mirena very well. They will also seldom have the need for me to share their experiences with safety as those who are as or similar to me. And I clearly belong to the women who see the cause of their illnesses in the HS and would like to get rid of them immediately. I felt the need to get out after 20 years of a pill that was interrupted only by a pregnancy, and I was actually a hormone-free form of contraception. Therefore, I made an appointment with my doctor to let me clarify the possibilities here. In this consultation, she praised me then the benefits of Mirena in such a convincing way that I moved away from my actual plans and finally let me issue a recipe for the Mirena. She described the hormonal influence on the body as so slight that my misgivings in that direction dissipated. The brochure of the manufacturer gave it to me also in the hand and I have the advantages shown, unfortunately, very hasty and much too uncritical can be misleading (even this forum, I have unfortunately only discovered after inserting). At the beginning of the next menstrual period, I immediately had an appointment and immediately drove into practice the next day to be able to count myself among the lucky wearers. I would have left it! Already the insertion has brought me back to the bottom of the facts – it hurt really hard, and I’m sure not worried or sensitive to pain otherwise. Also my cycle made me from the moment considerable problems. When after 5 minutes quite pain in the lower back area occurred, the doctors commented that it could not have been triggered by the Mirena; after all, that would be in the stomach and not in the back. After stabilizing somewhat, I drove home and spent the rest of the day on the sofa, because from the time I got there, I felt increasingly sick and dizzy. So the whole week went into the country. The nausea comes and goes (it reminds me in this form the first two months of my pregnancy) and all the time I feel like I’m on cotton wool. I’m totally exhausted after this week, can not work and drag me through the day. To top it all, in addition to the recurrent pain in the lower back, I also have cardiac arrhythmias, which were already there before, but have also clearly become more violent after insertion. Unfortunately, I did not read all the reviews on this page until after the first two days I still did not feel better and therefore I researched for the first time on side effects in the net and landed here. Some fellow sufferers, unlike me, have come a long way with all the complaints and I’m just sorry. I have come to the conclusion and can only say that I will not do this malaise for half a year. Luckily, my family is really great. My husband is particularly sorry – he has finally urged me after the past weekend to get an appointment with another doctor and let me withdraw from it if necessary HS. The costs are secondary to my well-being. This helps me totally and I am also aware that not every woman – especially with regard to the costs – can behave in their decision accordingly and wants. I will go on Friday and assume that my episode Mirena will then be finished. This comforts me through the extremely noticeable nausea even in this moment. All in all, it can only be said that the Mirena is an expensive experiment and one can only advise everyone to first think more about considering alternatives and not just inform oneself.

  3. Antonia T. Johnson says:
    3.0 rating

    Mirena for Menstrual complaints

    I am glad that I am not the only one. When I was used about 2 years ago, the Mirena, I had a huge pleasure with it. I started a new job, had a new husband and my FA thought this contraceptive fits exactly in your new life! Great! , I thought so. I have to say that five years ago I had tried various hormone supplements for contraception (various pills, nuvaring, …) as well as to alleviate my menstrual problems (severe, very painful menstrual period). The same side effects always occurred. And my FA always told me that I’m imagining them all. So I was glad when it said that the hormone spiral only releases hormones locally and the rest of the body is not burdened. I was well prepared with vaginal tablets to soften the cervix. The insertion itself hurt me terribly. It was a strong pain inside that caused nausea – indefinable. For two days I had a dull ache. The spotting bleed quickly and meanwhile I had no mens left. Every day I needed a bag of magnesium, otherwise I had abdominal cramps. Well – it was nice, you did not have to worry about his prevention and the absence of the mens was a nice side effect. The abdominal cramps could be handled very well with magnesium. My side effects occurred slowly. I am always very tired, choppy and moody. In addition, I got back pain, which was accompanied by constant headache. The headache in turn triggered dizziness, visual and concentration disorders. Loss of desire of 120% – I would like that my friend only hugs me and if he comes too close to me, I immediately go goose bumps and feel tense. Terrible, is not it ?! Oh well. I did not associate all of these symptoms with Mirena. Why? Local hormones do not do anything. I had my entire body checked, seeking advice from alternative medicine practitioners, TCM practitioners and physiotherapists. Finally, everyone was at the end of their knowledge. I was healthy, but felt terrible. As if I would miss my life. The last few days everything was much worse than usual – at some point, my friend has expressed the suspicion that he suspected these symptoms behind Mirena. I was dumbfounded, I did not want to believe it. But then I googled and found hundreds of testimonials. Reports from women who have had a similar experience as me. Our decision was quickly fixed – appointment at the FA and out with the killer thing out of my body. Yesterday I had the appointment and when I made my decision, I first had to hear that I would probably suffer from depression. The spiral probably does not have much to do with my condition. I did not give up and now she is out. Short, severe pain – accompanied by nausea. Everything is different today. I’m crazy, just eat chocolate and do not know where I’m missing. Maybe already Hormonentzug? I wish and expect that the next months will be better for me and that I will find my way back to myself. Never again do I leave foreign hormones in my body. That’s for sure. My intention is not to maul Mirena here. No. I know women who are doing well and who are comfortable with her. That’s a good thing – but everyone has to find their own way in this area.

  4. Marilyn N. Lococo says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Breast span; Edema; Pain (joint); Pain (back); Overweight; Pain (acute)

    I let 2 hours ago insert the H. spiral. Before I let them insert, I have in various forums on event. Side effects read a lot and thought that these many women probably exaggerate powerful and I do not necessarily have to get these side effects – especially not so many at a time. For 1 month I have joint pain, in addition to various other side effects such. Water retention in the legs, extreme breast enlargement and stretching, back pain, extreme sweating, oily hair, weight gain (4 kg). At first I had joint pain with elbow strain, then wrists, finger bones, knees and for a few days my hips hurt. The pain disappears again and again, and then come back after a few days. I’m currently being treated by the orthopedist. The result of the blood test, if any rheumatism, is still pending. My gynecologist said that does not come from the spiral, my new gynecologist meant what else – if I previously the o.g. Had no problems. I have decided to let them get me and believe firmly that I am as good as before the Mirena, just a little pain in the menstrual period and a little heavier bleeding.

  5. Kristy H. Wheeler says:
    4.5 rating

    I had in June 2011, the third spiral can be used as a result. Had never before problems at least not aware. Even when inserting I noticed that it was different, I had never had such a pain. Just a short time later, it all began. I got strong panicacs , Tachycardia, depressions and again and again stomach, intestinal problems, back pain, headache, tingling in the hands, I was constantly sick and either diarrhea or very hard bowel movements.Bin from one doctor to another! At the end of July, I was a week in the hospital; Nothing advised me to take a cure, I did, but after that I did not feel much better! On the contrary it got worse and worse. Until a customer told me about hormone problems. I had the impression that she told my story. Have googled that first and found really frightening reports. Have discussed it with my FA, She said: Yes, there would be such cases would be unlikely, since I previously a After some new blood tests, she said I could let her out, but that should be considered carefully, because it was also a question of price! Am now also decided to let me pull, because you can enjoy life with no Can pay money.

  6. Luella T. Schnieders says:
    3.0 rating

    I am stunned by what I read here and in other forums and groups. 4 years ago, I had the MIRENA placed after swallowing the pill daily for years. I am 41 years old and my gynecologist recommended the spiral and praised her in the highest tones. She would be well tolerated by all and all her patients would be satisfied. On my note, it would also be hormones, she reassured me, the MIRENA would deliver the hormones only locally. The spiral was laid, no possible side effects were given to me on the way, a leaflet I was certainly not handed. Today I know how naive I was. On holiday 2 months ago, I got to know a young woman and we came to the subject of MIRENA, why can not I say exactly today, but on arrival at home, I researched the Internet on this topic. It is unbelievable what I read all about complaints under the MIRENA. – premature menopausal symptoms – hot flashes / sweating – water retention – circulatory problems – dizziness – hair loss – sleep disorders – night sweats – mood swings – depressive episodes – irritability – fatigue / fatigue – weight gain – joint pain – muscle tension – abdominal pain – back pain – digestive problems – vaginal infections – blemishes – Facial hair – dry eyes Almost everything I read has been coming to me in the past 4 years, and I have not had the slightest idea that it might be due to the spiral. I have been walking from doctor to doctor for months, I doubt it myself, last year I have a rectocele removed from the rectum because I can not stand the abdominal and back pain, with the result: digestion works better now, abdominal and back pain remained. Previously unfit for work and taking antidepressants and sleeping pills for weeks due to these ongoing problems. Then I get vaccinated with gynatren last year for 97, – €, because I suffer again and again of vaginal infections and thus my antibodies should be strengthened, with the result: I treat myself with vaginal pills and ointment now, because I’m stupid happen to run to the doctor again and again. Then the annual check-up at the gynecologist, all right, spiral is perfect, my mentioned problems of sweating, sleep problems, mood swings, night sweats and pain all over the body can also indicate a defect and I would like to ask my doctor’s blood to be examined. Result: thyroid, iron, vitamin D, B12, folic acid everything in the green range and 18, – € for the lab paid as non-cash benefit. Then, five weeks ago, I had arthroscopy on my right shoulder to remove an inflamed bursa. Previously, I had been in pain for about 2 years, had been a permanent guest at physiotherapy to relieve muscle tension, had taken painkillers to work, and to sleep at night, I went to the neurosurgeon, who confirmed that my cervical spine was gone intact, but age appropriate and no surgery would be necessary, fortunately. I’ve been to the rheumatologist, with the result: all right, no rheumatism. Today’s current condition: bursa is out, proliferation on the biceps has been removed, everything went well, but … I still have painful movement restrictions. Then I have massive hair loss that has even struck my hairdresser now, I have gained 10 kg in 4 years, I get pain in the joints at night, I sweat as if I was in menopause, I am moody and irritable and have Therefore I have more and more stress with my husband, I am tired and beaten during the day, but can not sleep at night, I have a bloated face in the morning, in the evening swollen fingers and water retention above the ankles, I have facial hair growth, that I shave myself daily like a man, I have dry eyes and treat them with eye drops and I have blurred vision, have had me to do a progressive lens, which also does not really help me and the optician said that I was still pretty young for a lens with Nahverstärkung. The fact is that I let the spiral go and I hope, hope, hope that I will eventually go better and I find a suitable for me hormone-free contraceptive method. I found a Swiss company on the internet selling a cycle computer called Daysy. The information sounds pretty promising, but I’m pretty undecided as to whether it makes sense at my age just before menopause.

  7. Arlene J. Lerner says:
    4.5 rating

    Have the Mirena-HS set before 3.5 months, after recommendation of my FA.Habe since that ver … Day bleeding, migraine, abdominal pain, back pain, sleep disorders, skin problems, Schweisausbrüche and very, very VERY bad mood NW explained my FA as follows: the menstrual bleeding can turn out completely! Thought me at the age of 34 and after 2 children there can be worse! The Mirena is a lot, much worse with their NW! The laying was very painful and when I think about what I could have bought my children for 360 euros! I recommend them to any woman in the world and have an appointment in three days hope that then my life and my body will be back as before and I can once again laugh, swim or do sport. To all fellow sufferers greet and advise everyone you know please from!

  8. Jimmie A. Best says:
    4.0 rating

    I let the Mirena use 2 months after the birth of my first child. The gynecologist praised the product and said there were hardly any side effects, without handing me the leaflet. The first time was really exhausting. I constantly had irregular bleeding and pain. It took almost half a year until this phase was over. Then I did not get any bleeding anymore, only a slight brownish discharge. I suffered from severe back pain in the lower pelvis, loss of libido and general listlessness. I’ve often asked what’s wrong with me and could not initially connect it with the spiral until I read the leaflet on the Internet. After intercourse, I often had pain in the vagina and uterus and slight discharge the next day. In addition, a constant slight pain in the uterus accompanied me, although the spiral sat correctly. (Made an ultrasound) My partner could not stand my body odor and is very relieved that he can smell me now, after she is out for 2 weeks. Also, the libido has come back and it is again as it once was (-: 14 months Mirena instead of 5 years and I’m really convinced that she was drawn early, even if that was a short painful and exhausting fun for 300 ¬ I just say: better leave!

  9. Leah G. Harris says:
    5.0 rating

    I had the spiral inserted for the first time 5 years ago. I was really happy with the first, even though the onset was catastrophic (very, very painful, I had circulatory problems for 2 days afterwards!). I did not have any bleeding, no complaints, no problems, no pain from then on. Like in a picture book! Now, in January, the change was due, and since I was so satisfied, I decided to let me set a second. This one was not painful, I was pretty surprised … Unfortunately, I’ve had spotting, backache, discomfort, and the feeling of being able to feel the return threads ever since … Especially after the GV, the feeling is quite strange. I find that extremely funny, because I tolerated the first one so well! I would not recommend them, just because of the fact that this is REALLY very painful. And that the money is spent for nothing, the thing should fall out or not be tolerated. I’m going to hold on for a while now, but should the bleeding stop, I’ll go back to my FA and see what he means …. I’m not going to take any hormones to stop the bleeding …. That can not at all healthy!

  10. Christopher J. Williams says:
    3.0 rating

    Makes the entire hormone balance upset. Pigment Disorders Back Pain Cysts etc even after years … Search now for a way to bring everything back into balance.

  11. Leigh R. Watt says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Bleeding

    Leave the Mirena after 2 months tomorrow. It was only through the osteopath that my pain could be related to the spiral. Got 3 cysts in the abdomen and 1 cyst in the thyroid within the 3 months. Strong back and pelvic pain. Pain in the wrists and ankles. Muscle pain in upper arms and legs. I hope the side effects diminish soon after pulling the coil. My conclusion. Never again…

  12. Maurice J. Baker says:
    5.0 rating

    I am very sorry that I have used Mirena almost two years ago! – Regular migraine – Weight gain of 10 kilograms in 20 months! Weight loss impossible! – increased hair growth (upper lip!) – dry vagina & gt; Pain, tears, etc. – Libido loss – Massive tiredness and listlessness – Acne – Back pain – Mood swings Positive are only: + Effective, simple contraception + menstrual period stays out + bigger bosoms 😉 I would like to have Mirena removed as soon as possible!

  13. Patricia T. Bedell says:
    5.0 rating

    Wear the Mirena now almost 8 weeks and long for the day where she is drawn again. Since the first day permanent pelvic pain and bleeding, massive back pain that can only be endured with IBU 600, exciting and touch-sensitive breasts, migraine, hair loss and for me completely unusual sexual aversion and vaginal dryness and pain in the GV, which me and my partner at the time very much loaded. And all for a cost of 370 EUR!!! 🙁 Hope that after pulling this thing everything quickly regulated again, and then again conventional and prevent HORMONFREI.

  14. Joan D. Stedman says:
    4.0 rating

    It all started with a bladder infection. After taking the antibiotics, the fungal infection followed by a cyst. That was 1 ½ years ago. Since then, more and more Zipperleinchen have been added to the diseases mentioned: flatulence, total exhaustion, sweating (especially at night), back pain in the lumbar region, breast tensions (z.Part my breasts were already so sensitive that a light touch has already caused pain), extreme Mood swings, permanent abdominal pain, hypothyroidism, weight gain, loss of libido … As with many other women too, I have now walked for more than 1 year from doctor to doctor, until a colleague told me last that she had heard that frequent bladder infections from the HS would come. Then I started researching. Meanwhile, I have with my suspicion that the complaints come from the Mirena, my FA changed. After he had listened to my story, he first wanted to exclude other causes of my complaints by extensive research. He then told me the result on the phone … .You are completely healthy – there is no reason to worry … For my abdominal cramps, he then recommended me cranberry tablets …: – ((On Friday I let me get this thing out and hope then that the nightmare is over …

  15. Patricia A. Cody says:
    4.0 rating

    After I did not tolerate any of the common pills / hormonal contraceptives (including Nuvaring), my copper coil was lost after 6 months and I experienced several glitches with condoms, I opted for the hormonal spiral. 1.5 years later, I probably would not do this anymore. After 2 sleepless months, more and more symptoms started to appear. Hands and feet tingled for no reason, I felt a pressure behind my right eye, blurred vision, back pain, hip pain, listlessness, abdominal cramps. I ran from doctor to doctor and in the meantime was sent to the MRI with suspected MS. Everything without diagnosis – psychosomatic or stress – do yoga. No one thought that the spiral could be guilty, even though I repeatedly made that assumption to the doctors. Now I let them finally pull me next week and hope that all symptoms disappear again. It seems to me that my body aged 30 years and just not the same anymore.

  16. Karin B. Varner says:
    4.5 rating

    I had the Mirena for 7 years. Actually, she should go out after 5 years, but my gynecologist said, as long as she sits well, she can continue to prevent violent bleeding in front of the spiral (she has) and can remain quietly, to prevent me, I should additionally protect myself with condoms , The entire first year I had bleeding, sometimes more, sometimes less, then hardly any bleeding, which I found very pleasant. But – about 4 years ago, the first time hot flashes occurred, again and again I was groundless bad mood or irritable, nervous, impatient (all before no character traits, which I had attributed to me) and since last summer, I had several times before panic attacks, flicker the eyes, shortness of breath, and since the last three years always different back and shoulder pain. All this I would never have attributed to Mirena without reading this report. I have had countless examinations and treatments with the various medical specialists behind me – without result. no conspicuous blood values, no noticeable inflammatory values, no noticeable X-ray or MRI images (back / shoulder) – and my psyche would now also be described as completely in order ;-). Since Monday, the Mirena is out, about two hours after removal have used light bleeding, which last until now (Thursday), but I have no pain. Conclusion: To prevent the Mirena was great. Whether she actually caused the other problem -? I’m curious if the other symptoms improve … and will report again.

  17. Martha J. Watson says:
    4.5 rating

    Catastrophic skin condition (eitrge pustular formation especially in the face, z.Teil on the back), constant spotting ( Never go out of the house without tampon), strong mood swings, blockages of both ileosacral joints-pronounced back pain in the lumbar spine area, headache , which are partly unaffected even after taking pain medications – so today! Pigment disorders, especially the mouth and forehead, fatigue and fatigue

  18. Shawanna C. Gates says:
    5.0 rating

    So girls, after I’ve finally noticed that the HS can be responsible for my complaints, I would like to describe my experiences with Mirena here: I have in 2007 the first Mirena and 2012 set the second. The onset was rather little painful and good to endure. Now, I have gradually changed over the years! I am joyless, aggressive, have mood swings, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, fast tachycardia, digestive problems, dizziness, hot flashes, headaches, back pain, my breasts are so sensitive that you can hardly adjust them and the desire for sex is completely gone! I would never have associated the Mirena with it, but then I got severe abdominal pain and constant bleeding. My gyn was currently on vacation, so I could not get an appointment right away. After a while, it was less and I thought: Ok, then everything is fine again! But then it started again and I once entered Google: Bleeding despite Mirena! Then I came across the various forums and must say: I WAS RELATED! It was as if the women’s reports came from me! I could virtually class myself with all the side effects described! I could not believe it and then I’m gyn. Diagnosis: uterine infection! … basically, this was still missing to complete the list of side effects! I told him that I fear the Mirena is responsible. He said that he would not believe that, not even the other complaints. I told him that it does not matter if he believes it! I believe it and that’s more important! I could not let the Mirena because of the strong inflammation on this day. Had me for a new appointment. Unfortunately I could not comply with this because of dizziness and panic attacks (basically strange! Can not fix the cause, because the complaints do not allow it) and now have the appointment for pulling today. I would never recommend anyone to the Mirena again! I would never have dreamed that she might possibly be the culprit of my problems! I thought I was absolutely psycho and needed therapy 🙁 I seriously thought of going into psychiatric treatment to return to normal life, I hope … and believe …. that my complaints So, to everyone who might be thinking of having an HS inserted! Stay away! Any other method of contraception is better !! Vg, Nicole

  19. Dorothy L. Edelson says:
    5.0 rating

    My experiences with Mirena have only become clear to me since my last insertion (third time at age 45). Only through the strong pain after pulling the old and simultaneously inserting the new spiral, I’ve googled a bit. And now I feel so stupid not to have thought earlier that my many complaints could come from the Mirena. These include frequent mild nausea (usually in the morning), breast tenderness (very painful), frequent headaches, back pain, a dripping nose all winter, always some water in the legs. But worst of all is my mood swings, I would call it depression. I’m always tired and every evening invitation is the horror for me because then I can not sleep early. Today I was with my doctor and wanted to remove the Mirena, she wrote me antidepressants and said I should try it first. The complaints could not possibly come from the Mirena … well, I let myself be talked over again and I think I’ll take things differently now. Since we certainly do not want any more children and I’m already 45, my partner could be sterilized and then I can remove the spiral. In any case, I can only advise against the Mirena, although it is very safe and relatively inexpensive. I’m sure I will not take the antidepressants, this is only symptom control, no cause-fighting.

  20. Martha K. Cotton says:
    5.0 rating

    I have Mirena on recommendation of my gynecologist three months after the birth of my daughter used. Had previously prevented with a hormone rod in the upper arm. And before that, for years, the minipill was taken. After the onset had almost 8 months to do with spotting and back pain. Then everything was okay. Until about half a year, chest pain, constant back pain, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, loss of libido, over time weight gain 6 kilos in total, are abdominal pain last week, digestive problems, constant fatigue, fatigue, strong feelings of aggression, anxiety, sweating, permanent headache, Dizziness …. and and at the moment I do not remember what to do. The constant fear and the inner restlessness are unbearable. I have made an appointment today with the gynecologist and will let me pull the Mirena. the appointment is only on the 24th must see if I can get any homoeopathic remedies. Nice for the women who tolerate Mirena. Through my many searches on the Internet, I am convinced that I am not one of the women who tolerate Mirena. If my gynecologist had better advised me on the side effects at the time, I definitely would not have opted for Mirena!