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We have 51 consumer reports for Actos. Back pain effect occurred in 6%.

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  1. Charles C. Estes says:
    3.0 rating

    Actos for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Initially, the blood values, taking into account the further drug intake of Eucreas 1000 were very positive and gone down from sober (morning 160 to 120). Now after about 6 months, constant weight gain of 10 kg in one month. Constant pain in the spine, nerve pain in the muscle of the thigh. The assumption of these flicks have something to do with the hip prosthesis. However, no changes to the cause were noted. I will now discontinue the drug Actos and see how much my pain and weight change are changing. (My diabetologist seems to do a study with these two drugs)

    Side effects: Back pain; Increase in weight