Appetite loss effect of Topamax

We have 190 consumer reports for Topamax. Appetite loss effect occurred in 5%.

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  1. Eleanor R. Orlando says:
    4.5 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    Already on the second day I noticed a tingling in the hands and in both halves of my face. However, that has noticeably reduced and does not occur as often. However, I often feel limp and need more sleep than usual. In addition, I often feel slightly depressed and can concentrate badly. As a result, I often have problems expressing myself correctly. Furthermore, I have very little appetite, I have a feeling of hunger but then I ‘ve no desire to eat something, and after a snack, such as a cookie, the hunger was eaten and that was then a meal. I have now lost 12kg in the 2.5 months. But I’m more thirsty than before and drink a lot of water.

  2. Erika A. Temple says:
    4.0 rating

    Topamax for Epilepsy

    Keppra: nausea, stomach upset, discontinued due to excessive weight loss. Lamictal in the beginning dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, disappeared after a time. Remained: severe fatigue, difficulty concentrating, word finding disorders, muscle twitching Rivotril: just dizzy at the beginning, now no more side effects. Topamax: tingling in the fingers and feet, dizziness at the beginning. But they disappeared again. Loss of appetite, weight loss, sleep disorders.