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  1. Virginia D. Pappas says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    I got fluoxetine prescribed for my depression and it worked great and I had almost no side effects. The only side effects I found were Übelket or a very lethargic feeling in the stomach (but that was only if I took it without first eating something, if I had eaten before (what a little has served as a toast or ruffle ) then it was wonderful). Otherwise, I was generally less hungry than usual, which led to weight loss (very nice side effect). The only real disturbing side effect was that my sexual desire was significantly reduced and I had orgasm problems (which was more to the chagrin of my partner than my own). But I can only recommend it really helped me a lot! PS: I can not say anything about the price because it was paid by the health insurance company

  2. Miriam P. Cameron says:
    2.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Drive disorders; Depression

    I took fluoxetine for a year to get a grip on my depression and my diminished drive. I started with 10mg, so relatively ‘soft’, immediately got a few hours after taking the side effects. It started with nausea and dizziness. i had a beer with a friend that evening and almost fell over. I just made it home. alcohol was taboo since then (after about 2 months I drank slowly and carefully again a bit of alcohol). I could hardly ride any more, got panic attacks, respiratory problems, circulatory problems – but massive. the appetite was reduced relatively strong (at least in the beginning, -4kg), taste changes, etc. extreme dreams, very filmy and confused, which I found rather interesting. the side effects sounded out relatively quickly. Only for alcohol did I react badly for a relatively long time. extremely fast drunk, so much that I immediately fell asleep, or gave myself and then fell asleep, bad headache, total film break (I woke up and knew who, where nor, nor what I was) – so be careful with the enjoyment of alcohol the dose was then increased to 20mg after about 3 months, and then 40mg 4 weeks later. this happened after consultation with my psychiatrist, and on my own request, since I hardly felt any improvement. with 40mg it was a bit better, but the effect was quite minimal. After less than a year, I often forgot to take the intake, consumed relatively high doses of amphetamine (speed) to wake me up, and to be focused. Of course, I was aware that drugs in a therapy are absolutely taboo. I talked about it with my therapist and they talked about ADHD because I did not consume speed to go to parties and be high. I used it as I said to be focused. she suggested ritalin to me, but not really prescribable in germany, and alone the ADHD test at a doctor costs around 250 euro. complete nonsense of my view. (I’m studying psychology myself, so I’m not a non-specialist) then I was proposed edronax. I take this now for 2 weeks. So far, I can not say anything except cold feeling in arms and legs. Conclusion on the subject fluoxetine – no to little effect. possibly due to misdiagnosis.

  3. Julia C. Brown says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    After 19 days of ingestion, I have an extreme loss of appetite. So far, nothing has changed in my condition, but otherwise no other side effects.

    Side effects: Appetite loss
  4. Judy T. Pope says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder; Bulimia; Depression

    At the beginning of the intake, especially severe headaches and nausea occurred, which disappeared completely after 3 weeks. I also had sleep problems, both falling asleep and waking up too early (around 4 or 5 in the morning). This problem also disappeared after about 4 weeks. Slightly decreased appetite and weight loss were noted. Further problems during the intake did not occur. The effect occurred after about 3-4 weeks (increase in motivation, fewer bingeing, easing of the compulsive acts).