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  1. James M. Freels says:
    2.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    I report as a relative, I’m sure it improves the sugar levels. But mean, if it does not increase your appetite? And thereby promotes an increase in weight?!.

    Side effects: Appetite increase
  2. Irene G. Smith says:
    4.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    After having treated my type II diabetes through diet and exercise alone (under medical supervision), the values got mixed up in the fall of last year. The fasting sugar daily was over 130 to 170 mg / dl. Then I was prescribed metformin. After initial diarrhea (about 2 days), I initially tolerated the drug very well – except for constant bloating. My blood glucose levels developed fantastically and were better than during the whole previous therapy period. After 2 months of taking time I had for the first time in my life an acute episode of psoriasis (head, genital area – very uncomfortable !!!, thighs, elbows and hands). The prescribed (cortisone-containing) ointments did not help, but thanks to MF, my sugar levels remained good, despite cortisone. After I discontinued MF at the end of January on the recommendation of the dermatologist, psoriasis healed spontaneously. Since my sugar levels were initially within tolerable range again, the doctor agreed that I would not take medication at first. Now the values play crazy again (fasting sugar up to 200 mg / dl) and also the long-term sugar has risen for the first time, instead of falling, so that I now get another medicine. The doctor does not want to prescribe me because of the side effects observed with me MF. What’s more: Here write all of weight loss, I was ALWAYS hungry under the intake of MF and since my blood sugar levels were still good, if I have eaten more (including carbohydrates), I have given in to my hunger. With the success that I have gained 9 pounds from the year before, I lost 15 pounds (this weight I had also kept 1 year). Now without MF I’m not so hungry and I am slowly but steadily decreasing. Can anyone explain to me?