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  1. John L. Martinez says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Cross section paralysis

    Experience: For some years now I have taken Palladon 8 mg and Lyrika (morning 75 mg, evening 300 mg) in combination 1-0-1. The pain treatment in this combination is very good, after the conversion (increasing the dose of palladone from 4 mg to 8 mg) I had in the last 4 weeks only once more severe pain, which I attributed to a change in the weather. Side effects: First, enormous weight gain, almost scary! Before or even after my accident 8 years ago I weighed 67 kg, today it is 89 kg. Constant feeling of being at home although one is full, from earlier times I do not know this at all. But, even if the weight gain on the one hand bothers you, but you have to weigh what you prefer – the weight gain or this unspeakably strong pain – consisting of constant sharp pain, as if someone stabbed with a knife in the leg-the blade very slowly turn and pull it out again … and of course it keeps turning. For my person, even if it is still so bitter I must confess, then rather the weight gain. I will now try to hold back with the food and somehow to do a kind of sport, which I do not know so well (a treadmill would be very good, but that is far too expensive and I can not afford leiedr).

  2. Brenda R. Kauffman says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Trigeminal neuralgia

    I had facial pain since last year and was pushed from one doctor to another. From the neurologist I got only clomipramine, which helped me not at pain. From the pain doctor I got Lyrica and antidepressants, which made me only tired and depressed, but at first at least against the attaken half.the dentist could not find any inflammation, so that I wrote a remedy together with my family doctor, which helped but was simply burdened with too many side effects. i got carbamazepine (but too low), dolomin extra for the toothache, clomipram for the frustration and lyrica in addition. but it helped !! in vogtareuth in surgical neurology I was then properly checked by the end of may2011 and you found trygeminusneuralgie and I got carbamazepine-only higher doses. since then the aching patches are gone, but the side effect with me is: fatigue, hunger in the short time 7kilo increased , and photosensitivity.that with the increase makes me very, ….

  3. Caleb G. Simpson says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Depression

    For a year I take 10 mg Cipralex, then changed from 20 mg citalopram, a difference I did not notice at that time, neither in effect nor side effect, have until today not fully understood why this was changed, especially since Citalopram generic drugs are available, the far cheaper than the Cipralex. I tolerate the medi well, because I was partly very depressive, I was glad to have it, it prevents slipping into the very deep holes of depression. Of course the pill alone does not make you happy, you have to torture yourself through psychotherapy and face up to your problems, but in many cases it just helps to make such a psychotherapy possible, if one gets too dirty then psychotherapy ( in my experience) namely nothing. As the most striking side effect, I would name a change in the dreams, which are sometimes really crass, as action cinema. In the meantime, an increase to 15 mg was attempted. But it came to a greater unrest that disappeared as far as possible, was dosed back to 10. Lyrica I take 2 times 75 mg, so I am calmer and more balanced during the day, fall asleep easier. Side effects: repeatedly inflated stomach or flatulence, appetite increase (yet no gain in weight, however, I try to move a lot and if appetite, then eat as healthy as possible, hope that continues to work), the face is a little bloated, not bad, but but noticeably.

  4. Betsey M. Parisi says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Trigeminal neuralgia

    Weight gain 8kg, increased appetite, too slow build up of the drug in the body (2-3 weeks), with acute increase in TN pain, the Lyrica acts too slow. if the Lyrica is taken too long, the effects diminish (increasing the dose required) Speech disorders, word finding problems, shaky gait, balance disorders withdrawal symptoms on withdrawal of Lyrica (chills, hot flashes, drowsiness, dullness, headache) Side effects of Timonil Dizziness after taking withdrawal symptoms on discontinuation of Lyrica Timonil (shaking, chills, pain in the ear, ….)

  5. Yvette B. Fowler says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (neuropathic)

    Positive side effects: I slept very well every time. Increased hunger also occurred. Negative Side Effects: Disorientation, sometimes I did not know if I’m in the clinic or at home, especially after awakening, where am I actually? The legs became soft as if you had drunk too much alcohol. Nosebleeds and short-term depression. Ingestion: months

  6. Jesus C. Shirk says:
    3.0 rating

    Drowsiness, fatigue, increased appetite, euphoria, change in sex drive, irritability, memory disorder, speaking difficulties, blurred vision, erectile dysfunction, drunkenness, weight gain, restlessness, physical restlessness, word finding problems, thought disorder, jerky movements, hyperactivity, increased skin sensitivity, eye pain, skin rash , Joint pain, thirst. All reported symptoms occurred in the first 4 weeks. By now, they are fading and the effectiveness of Lyrica has increased dramatically. Daily dose 600mg distributed on 4 times 150mg

  7. Jill S. Rocker says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety disorders; Sleep disorders; Fibromyalgia; Depression; Pain (chronic)

    Great site, thanks to all diligent writers !! I have 10 kilos in just 3 months through the above medicine combo. My doctor says that especially the mirtazapine is to blame. I have a constant and extreme feeling of hunger. I notice dizziness especially in conversation with other people (my concentration is lame something, not so associative, slight speech and word disturbance, feel limited in my Verbalität). In white and bright rooms it gets dizzy and dizzy, I feel like standing next to me. My tolerance level has also dropped since taking it and I would almost describe myself as slightly aggressive, although by nature I’m more forgiving. In my first few weeks, I felt drugged, unable to attend or follow any serious conversations. My anxiety is now severely curtailed, where the fear was before is now a kind of restless calm – what actually contradicts, feel a bit hollow and stony, my emotions are not the same as before. I also have adventurous dreams, I’m talking in my sleep lately. Now to the positive effects: My sleep has improved, I can sleep through again, am also accordingly fit during the day. I do not ponder before going to bed, but can relax, my fear has severely limited. My pain is completely RESILIENT- which I had never dreamed of having 21 before. I think the latter alone is enough to hold on to Lyrica. I appreciate every painless day now. My drive has come back again.

  8. Jeff D. Jones says:
    4.5 rating

    I have taken pregabalin for 4 1/2 years for generalized anxiety disorders, from 375mg / d up to 600mg / d in the last 2 months. In the first 3 years, the effect (with an addition of 450mg / d) was quite good, I described it in another article with a potential of about 80% compared to benzodiazepines. So, in short: against the famous dawn, brooding compulsion and a Überervervosity it helped for a long time. To note – this is already clear from the sentences above – but is also a gradual loss of effect. The most annoying side effect is the immense weight gain, 25 kilograms in 4 years. The without appetite increase, food just started more. In addition to that (I can say today in retrospect), there was also dry mouth and eye. After dosing to 600mg, the dryness of the eye was so extreme that contact lenses (which I have to wear because of severe hyperhidrosis because goggles are constantly dripping wet) became impossible. In the morning I had to dilate my eyes with my fingers, and a strong conjunctivitis has finally denied me the Lyrica in this dosage. When dosing down to 300mg it came to a strong flare of fear – for me Lyrica was no longer sufficiently effective in this dosage. So I highly recommend it (and do not be fooled into believing dosages of 25mg would help fight anxiety – read the dosage recommendations!), But it’s not a solution for many years, just because of habituation, I think. Subject withdrawal: Yes, you notice it, if only because the desired effect is missing – and anxiety is unpleasant. From where then trembling, dizziness and fatigue come, is an open question. I am now taking a benzodiazepine, which certainly makes it easier to get used to it than would be a pure withdrawal. Andersow, I read, one should creep out in halving steps – I would not do at high doses, because 600 to 300 was clearly too much. I could imagine 75mg less well each week. Get well soon!

  9. Ralph M. Crum says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for A headache; Pain (chronic)

    At first I had good results with Novalgin, then quite good results with Tramadol (Tramadolor), but the side effects: fatigue, nausea, total loss of appetite, gagging, vomiting, drying of the skin, total constipation. Since Tramadol no longer worked properly, I was prescribed Lyrica. First 150mg / day, then the double dose. The pain attenuation is good. Side effects, however, are tiredness, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, metallic taste on the tongue, loss of libido, double vision, listlessness, flatulence, increased appetite and thus unwanted weight gain, concentration problems. The dose was further increased because within a short time the pain was back. By now I was at 450mg / day. The side effects partially sneaked out. The damping of the pain was very good. As side effects were striking: fatigue, but also sleep disorders (3 hours awake in bed at night), drowsiness (I sometimes feel like I had drunk beer), dizziness, double vision, lack of desire and listlessness, loss of appetite, appetite increase and thus weight gain (me have increased over 10kg), concentration disorders. After over 4 months of taking the drug discontinued – which cost gigantic overcoming and will – and after more than a year of abstinence from Lyrica are still some side effect is not completely gone.