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  1. Donna V. Robinson says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Migraine; Depression

    I am taking sarongs for 6 months (25 mg / day) for chronic migraine with tension-type headache, initially in the form of drops in the evening. But that led to extreme tiredness right at the beginning. Meanwhile, I take it in tablet form (retard), so that the fatigue spreads more evenly throughout the day. The headache severity was actually much less in the first two months and the frequency of seizures too. Meanwhile, this effect is no longer there, but only the side effects. The tiredness has settled to a bearable level. Unfortunately, I have gained significantly more weight since taking Saroten (about 6 kg in 6 months), because the appetite has increased. Maybe this is also in addition to the fluoxetine tablets, which I have been taking for about 8 years because of depression (40 mg / day) and the initial weight loss now cause the opposite (weight gain about 30 kg in 8 years).

  2. Evette S. Davis says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Social phobia; Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    In the first week of taking (10 mg) I was extremely tired. I felt as if I had been packed in cotton, especially in the morning after I sweated extremely in my sleep at night. The feeling is comparable to how I felt as a child when I sweated out the whole fever after the effect of a suppository. In addition, there was an extreme increase in appetite, but after two weeks (20 mg) it subsided again. The obsessive thoughts were gone right after the first tablet intake. I was a stranger to myself, because I knew life only with obsessive thoughts, and suddenly it was so quiet … But I’ve got used to it now. It’s definitely nicer to be in here and now and finish things that you start. The fear of people has been reduced to a healthy caution from strangers. However, I only felt a mood-lightening effect after 8 weeks of taking the medication (30 mg). Then the fatigue disappeared. At the moment it is very hot (July 13, 2010) and I have a lot of water retention and a bit of confusion. The latter is not so bad. I’m just a bit forgetful, I’m dizzy and I sometimes say something different than I want, but I’m firmly convinced that I had said what I want (eg I want to say Hape Kerkeling, but say Helge Schneider and I am but convinced I would have said Hape Kerkeling). My fellow human beings point me out regularly. The serenity of the medis makes up for it all. If that serenity could only last forever, even if I cut the meds back out. Overall, I’ve gained six pounds since taking it for the first time.

  3. Margaret D. Capuano says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Borderline; Bulimia; Depression

    I was prescribed fluoxetine during my therapy in a day clinic. That was the first time I got AD. I started with 20mg and still knows how playful I was in the first days, I felt like rocking on the playground, and hopped on the run like a little child only on straight stones so that I lay out the paving stones. Had the wildest dreams with a sudden laugh attack which took me out of my sleep. In no time at all, I readjusted to 40mg on my own request because at the time I was still in my deep bulimic phase. I quickly recovered from the fact that after a meal I no longer had the need or the pressure to directly ingest ingested food. For one thing, it was good because I was no longer constantly under pressure, and again got time for my life and could get back to life, yet came quickly the dark side. I was tired and lethargic all day, had no desire / strength for sports activities, I skipped so much physical education, the little exercise and the suddenly partly predominantly normal eating habits without vomiting, I quickly got to feel within the first month 4Kg tooThat would be hell for me as a bulimic for years, where I have tormented myself for all the years for every kilogram lost, I took 25 kg from this sick behavior in 2 years. Of course, with up and abs, this disorder diagnosed and took all my life to perfect isulation. I was no longer available to anybody, as then the drug abuse for the purpose of weight loss (amphetamines) came to kill me internally more and more, so I ended up in the psychiatric day clinic. and suddenly I got to the point of being healthy and taking or staying where I was to keep it all up. I decided for second. I secretly put the tablets off without consulting the doctors and continued to do the therapy. Did not get the weight down and weighed now from 53kg aufweiter 56kg. At the end of the therapy I got to know my current partner, whereupon I started a new attempt after 2 months and started again with 40mg fluoxetine, otherwise I would not have been able to lead this relationship because the bulimia took my life and I only normal with the help of the tablets could eat. Another experience I made with F was that whenever I quarreled with my partnership, I just took it all so amused, usually I’m very spirited and like to pull off a fight for days at a time. with fluoxetine I was quickly soothed and could reconcile and apologize so quickly. excuse was previously a huge problem for me. my partner quickly realized that I somehow different was like stoned, always in a good mood with a serenity that tolerated everything. I myself felt like I was in a bubble before completely fogged, I had become a stranger myself, so fluoxetine I spontaneously off again and a few days later I felt the huge mood swings in the form of the most violent relationship with my partner. Suddenly I was not so relaxed anymore. During this time we had weekly the worst quarrels, where he was several times palpable, I was again totally on the ground and got back for a long time the desire to die. I had the worst soicidal thoughts. So I took fluoxetine again and experience would make it all right again. I continued to increase all the time until I weighed 64kg. That was the reason why I was looking for another antidepressant, and so I came to Elontril, which I still take today.

    Side effects: Appetite increase; Fatigue
  4. Stephanie W. Soto says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Fibromyalgia; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Increased appetite and slight weight gain (1 kg per month) Increased itching Other side effects: Increasing concentration, regaining working capacity (max 1 – 2 forced sleep phases daily, before 3-5), no worsening of sleep disturbances, more balance, less frustration