Appetite increase effect of Erythromycin

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  1. Alise B. Allen says:
    4.0 rating

    I got erythromycin for acne. I’m 28 years old and have been suffering from acne since puberty and all the creams and solutions have not helped. Until ingestion of erythromycin. Already on the second day of taking it, I could not find any new pimples and pimple marks disappeared relatively quickly due to the simultaneous use of acne mycine solution. However, I was constantly hungry. Erythromycin accelerates gastric emptying. I ate and less than two hours later I felt as hungry as if I had not eaten all day. Other side effects were stomach cramps, but these were limited and were bearable. By and large, I am very satisfied with the drug.

  2. Sue P. Weist says:
    5.0 rating

    I have to take the tablets, because with me clamydia were found and these are harmless in pregnancy. However, I feel as if I am undergoing chemotherapy. the known side effects, are similar to my treatment. allegedly, there is no alternative to this drug in the SS. I had these tablets three weeks ago after one day self-depreciated, because I was so bad that an explanation is difficult. now I have to take her again .. my doctor did not tell me any others. immediately after taking one has the feeling of having a huge hole in the stomach, as if one had not eaten for several days. So total nausea. in addition, the constant fatigue .. and something like ne depriphase, one has to lust .. is irritated. You have no appetite and feels totally drained. I wonder, can that be good for my baby? if the mum is fine then the child and vice versa. Clamydia usually have no symptoms and the tests are extremely doubtful. today positive then negative again … well and for the sake of safety we prefer to do antibiotic therapy. Great, because you really lose the faith. I’ll take her the second day today and I’d love to drop her off immediately. but on the other hand, then the fear floats, my child could be infected after the birth. or there are other complications. I just ate, because through the constant hole in the stomach you see you are forced, only it does not improve … in half an hour, I have to take the next tablet and the whole 8 days … because you really get to howl ,

    Side effects: Appetite increase; Fatigue; Nausea