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  1. Laurie T. Gonzalez says:
    2.0 rating

    Elavil for Borderline; Sleep disorders; Depression

    I’ve been taking fluanxole for 5 weeks against strong turf, which is part of my borderline disorder. It also works against my depression. I take 0.5 mg in the evening. As a side effect, I notice that I have an increased appetite for sweets, otherwise my mood is extremely positive and it works. Due to extensive experience with psychotropic drugs, this drug is for me otherwise quite poor in side effects, it even counteracts my nightmares and keeps me at a distance to my thoughts without giving me a feeling of drowsiness. However, I have noticed that lately I am very awkward and stumble constantly or somewhere stumble, whether that is due Fluanxol I can not say. Therefore, until now, the urge to sweets at night (hence weight gain) and eventual coordination (concentration) disorder as a side effect of me to consider. The citalopram I take for 4 years, after I had already increased abundantly before my weight has increased, but I have taken other medications. Otherwise it helped more or less. However, I often have more depressive episodes. In the beginning dizziness and unrest, but that passed. Otherwise well tolerated. With Topamax I had no problems, I got it for mood swings because I was also a migraine sufferer. There were no side effects. Not even the hoped-for weight reduction that it supposedly should have. I had to increase the dosage again and again in order to achieve an effect, but I’m no longer convinced, because I’m now quite unstable, as far as my mood is concerned. In an attempt to drop it, I got spasm attack, which was extremely unpleasant. Saroten is an attempt to treat sleep disorders with an antidepressant. In that respect, unfortunately, it fails with me. My mood is better and it makes me less. However, my appetite is enormous and I am gaining weight again, otherwise I do not notice any side effects.

  2. Jane G. Hicks says:
    3.0 rating

    Elavil for Sleep disorders; Depression

    Mood-enhancing effect, anxiety states have become manageable. Negative side effects are stronger appetite resulting in weight gain (on average 1 kilo / month) and dry mouth in the first week of use

  3. Ana R. Thompson says:
    4.0 rating

    Elavil for Migraine

    Within the intake time I have increased 7 kilograms. Although my migraine did not appear anymore, but now I am obese and I have only appetite, could eat all day ….