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  1. Jessica R. Howard says:
    4.5 rating

    Doxepin for Pain (back)

    I have had coccyxitis for half a year now. After the orthopedist had injected me three times specifically to the relevant site, and I had felt no improvement, I was referred to the pain therapist. It had already come in the past three years at intervals of about 1/2 year repeatedly to a coccyx inflammation, which, however, with appropriate syringes (1-2 syringes) administered by the orthopedist had passed again. But this time it was so bad that when I was sitting I only had a lot of pain, which went down to the buttocks and usually there was still a burning pain. Television was only possible in the lying, and then laterally best. I had to delete my beloved cycling altogether. Driving was also torture. The pain therapist also tried it with deliberately placed syringes, and in addition he prescribed me on my first visit Katadolon S long, of which I should take 1 whole tabl. It showed no effect for the first 14 days. On my next visit after 2 weeks, I got some injections again, but this time below. The doctor dismissed me again with the recommendation to take the Katadolon S long every evening. Two weeks later I had to tell the doctor that the treatment had been as good as unsuccessful again. Only great fatigue had invaded me after taking Katadolon, so I fell asleep regularly in the TV chair shortly thereafter. Probably that was too much, 1 whole tabl. Katadolon and 1 tabl. Gabapentin. For this I have to mention that for all my medications I still take gabapentin 300 three times a day because of my occipital neuralgia and joint and back pain. Now I have the doctor prescribed the following medication, I call it here drug cocktail: morning: Blutdrucktabl., Gabapentin, 1/2 Tabl. Tramagit 100 retard at noon: Gabapentin, 1/2 Tabl.Katadolon S long evenings: Gabapentin, 1/2 tabl Tramagit 100 retard at bedtime: Doxepin 25 mg after 3 weeks Ingestion of this cocktail: improvement in sight, but not yet well, can cycle again, but then has to take a whole pill of tramagit in the evening. (The doctor has allowed me) The greatest effect, I think, comes from this special composition, especially the addition of Tramagit. At most I feel a slight tiredness, which, however, only noticeable in the evening. In 4 weeks now I have another appointment with the pain therapist. Most of my hope is Tramagit. It is important in a tailbone ignition, so I have found that you always sit very soft. I take my special soft pillow everywhere. Summary: In gabapentin no side effects except increased appetite and thereby gaining weight, therefore eat consciously! 1 whole tablet Katadolon S long: great tiredness, possibly because taken at the same time with gabapentin, 1/2 tabl. Katadolon S long at noon is okay. Tramagit 100 mg retard twice daily 1/2 tablet: No side effects Doxepin 25: 1 tablet taken at bedtime, side effects can not be assessed. Fall asleep quickly

    Side effects: Appetite increase; Fatigue
  2. Rebecca L. Rhodes says:
    3.0 rating

    Doxepin for Depression

    Pain is rel. disappeared quickly. Fear and anxiety but still there, but much lower. As a side effect fatigue and appetite increase

    Side effects: Appetite increase; Fatigue
  3. Kevin D. Lanning says:
    3.5 rating

    Doxepin for Depression

    Well, the Lorazepam helps with great, even during the day in acute situations. I have the Expides, these are small leaves, which melt when swallowed within seconds under the tongue. I think that’s handy when you’re out and about when you do not have water to take the tablet. It also falls e.g. at school, because the others do not even notice. I take up to 5 mg / day, so 2 orodispersible tablets, usually in the evening together with the Doxepin. Of the doxepin I currently take 150 mg, about 2 hours before going to bed. Mostly together with the Tavor. Doxepin takes a bit longer to work, so the combination of the two meds is just perfect. Thanks to the medis, I am now also psychologically more stable, do not worry so much about all kinds of unimportant things. I have already tried many pfalnzliche things from the pharmacy. Everything is very expensive, and these girls are not even minimal at all. In any case, I will continue to take the two medications in this combination first. Even if now some say, yes, great dependence on Lorazepam, etc. I prefer to take my meds continue regularly, instead of immediately again in psychiatry to land, if it comes to a relapse, by discontinuation. I really do not want to experience that again.

  4. Michael E. Lebron says:
    3.5 rating

    Doxepin for Depression

    Although the dose was only 10mg in the evening, there were many unwanted effects. Very sedating for the first few days (1.5-2 hours after ingestion). Tachycardia, dizziness and balance problems, mild confusion, strong appetite increase, nightmares, inflammatory sensation in the skin (similar to a sunburn), severe dry mouth and nasal mucosa. Some side effects have subsided after the first few days. However, the intake was not more pleasant. The in my case wanted, sleep inducing side effect also disappeared already after 6 days. In the rest of the intake, an unbearable inner turmoil and inner dryness increased with concomitantly increasing external listlessness and slackness. There were also very strong mood swings. In addition, I felt absent, standing next to myself. The absent impression and the zombie movements were also observed by outsiders. After weaning / fast weaning, all side effects have completely resolved within 2-3 days of the last weaning dose.