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  1. Beth M. Mercer says:
    4.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Pain (back)

    I had over 6 months severe pain in the lower back after about 7 hours of night sleep. After getting up, they were gone. The doctor suspected an inflammation of the back muscles and prescribed ARCOXIA 90mg, once a day. The complaints decreased day by day. After the 6th day of taking the (presumed) side effects began: nausea, stomach ache, slight headache, which, however, went back to a tolerable level after a nap. I am very grateful for the success of the treatment, so I decided to accept the side effects. The idea that I get rid of the muscle inflammation (as a by-product of other muscle and joint inflammations I had gotten used to over the years because nobody could help me) is very encouraging to me. But apparently patients react very differently to the drug, so I believe a recommendation or dissuasion is not indicated here.

  2. John R. Presley says:
    3.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Arthrosis

    Arcoxia get due to incompatibility of diclofenac. Stomach problems occurred after 4 weeks. Forthcoming arthroscopy, examination for surgical ability. Increased blood pressure and heartbeat irregularities were noted. Never had problems with it. I’d rather endure the pain for a few more days and hope my heartbeat will normalize again. Side effects summarized: sweats, weight gain due to increased appetite, palpitations, palpitations to the neck, blurred vision