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  1. Anna M. Mendenhall says:
    5.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Sleep disorders

    After being put into psychotic state due to current sleep deprivation caused by psychoterror of my ex-husband, I was deported by him to psychiatry and unreflectively classified by the local doctors as allegedly manic and sedated with Zyprexa. I was told that I was terminally ill and now I have to take it all my life because otherwise I’ll be permanently in psychiatry (iatrogenic Noxe). Already after 3 weeks I felt severe side effects, which I was never informed, especially so-called extrapyramidal motor disorders (EPS), starting with tasikinesia, then akathisia. It was no longer possible for me to sit for even 5 seconds, I had to walk around daily for up to 16 hours to relieve myself, standing still was impossible, I could not even endure more than 2 subway stations. Every day I got a severe panic attack, which I noticed a self-alienation and could not assign these disorders for lack of information. It’s logical. The otherwise with me very good spatial thinking was quickly so limited that I could go only on my known ways, traveling was impossible, and I was after 2 months for months completely unfit for work (architect). Strong weight gain followed, photosensitivity (I could not stay in the sone anymore). An eosinophilia occurred, insomnia and tremor appeared, and strong feelings of anxiety (because of the personality changes / self-alienation and the EPS, which I did not even know by name). Despite all signs of EPS and my search for help in the hospital I was ignored for months, I was given against the EPS Temesta, but I had to sell after 4 weeks because of dependence risk, with the heavy EPS I was left alone. I was constantly tired, had hardly any impetus and fell into an akinetic Abulic syndrome. Because of the serious side effects, and because I was only able to walk in circles all the time because of the EPS, so I could not concentrate on anything anymore, I finally did not want to live anymore. After 6 months of suffering, a hospital doctor who made me suffer for months then deposed Zyprexa. This was followed by a drug withdrawal of several months, which was mainly with sleep disorders, restlessness, tremor, listlessness and digestive problems. The EPS were completely gone after weaning after 4 (!) Days, I wonder today why I had to go such a long ordeal. I took a tardive dyskinesia because I took the drug for 6 months. This manifests itself in occasional uncontrolled leg twitching, sometimes with a short screwing motion, and twitching in the facial muscles, none of which I ever had before taking Zyprexa.

  2. Robert M. Pereyra says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Dizziness

    Hello I have zyprexa discontinued and quite hell ride of my life mitmachen.Nebenwirkungen without end.jeden day I would have been willing to take the zyprexa again so I do not have these common side effects (nausea, absolute body malaise, chills, vomiting / coughing, insomnia very extreme, aggressive, uneasiness unwanted feelings, extremely hellhörich, head lightning when trying to fall asleep, however, came only after I could fall asleep again. acute dizziness which has put me out of action. Headache head hum / dodgy in the head, cold / shiver and fear too Stands.Brain tries to work which is very unpleasant, talks severe acute.Absolute tension in the neck area.Erhaustion no real drive mehr.Das most is better again or completely weg.Ich managed to do what I’ve never believed since me 4-5 attempts have used. Now I swallow for about 5-6 weeks Zyprexa goes uphill, but so At the moment I do not feel really good either. But better with tablets. My brain works like crazy with a pressure in the head. (CT x-ray was done all right) and I find that very unpleasant. But that’s not my problem. Since I assume that it is better or again weg.Wenn I come to rest, it is almost gone. After about 2 weeks after settling, I got such a bad dizziness of the foot to the neck in the whole body went. And only a little in the head. I was no longer in a position. And thought / always felt I cant change the same.How did the dizziness.Morgens when getting up in the head everything turned after about 5 minutes after getting up, he was gone again.Then suddenly I wake up then I have all the dizziness in the head After getting up about 15 minutes he was gone again.Then suddenly I got all the dizziness when waking up in the bed that was so strong I dared to stand upright (from foot to neck) and then did not leave weg.ich I ran from doctor to doctor no one has left me Olfen, they said there is nothing for that. I should just take the pills again or others in this direction like Zyprexa, then I would be better in two weeks. I did not go back because I was afraid again all this crap again I feel like having the zyprexa and the other varieties etc. I feel better without tablets. I have been through about 10 varieties of tablets in six years and just bad experience. Dentists / neurologists are just worse for me like drug dealers. Now I’m writing about the dizziness. I did not want to believe that and I went to the pharmacy they asked immediately whether I discontinued tablets evt too fast, and lo and behold there is something for that. But it is prescription. I have changed the neurologist and told him that there is something for the dizzy, and I would like to have it. and he prescribed vertigo-neogama.He did not like to write me that I saw him.He said d Ann I needed a protective shield and then gave me the drug promethazine neuraxpharm 100 mg. I took two days, and then disposed of because I was funny again. My luck was that I asked in the pharmacy. I took the tablet neo -gama and about half an hour later, the dizziness was almost completely weg.ich was able to do things again. then suddenly after days I get the dizziness slowly but acutely in the head with nausea and itching and acute disturbances, absolute fatigue all day over .. now I assumed that the dizziness of the tablet comes, and have them absetz.der vertigo from foot to neck is completely gone. Only in the head I think he is acute. the nausea has also become less. against the itching I got cetirizine, and it helps tiredness is also less or almost completely gone. now my question how can I get rid of the dizziness in my head? or how long do I have to go on until it goes away by itself? or which drug could help? I would be glad about any answer because it gets so annoying

  3. Daniel T. Denson says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    I recommend nobody to take Zyprexa in the long term. It is very effective in the acute phase of psychosis. I came out with 5-10mg from the acute phase within 2 months. The short-term and long-term side effects are, however, glorifying and mostly unknown to psychiatrists or they just shove it into the wrong drawer. When I had my psychotic episode I lost my job and was put on Zyprexa 5 mg within 2 months I was out of the psyhose but I was still mentally ill. I had extreme anxiety that paralyzed me in my actions. An inner restlessness. As if you were going to explode. These side effects of Zyprexa have been added by my psychiatrist to schizophrenia. I just hope that he did not get better. Added to this were suicidal thoughts. I did not know those thoughts from before and also felt them to be absurd. But they kept coming up to me again and again. From my psychiatrist to the psychosis. When I started to work again, the anxiety, inner turmoil and suicidal thoughts became stronger. I reported about it to my psychiatrist and we increased the dose of Zyprexa. The higher the dosage of Zyprexa the worse the side effects. Increase of anxiety until it became unbearable. Suicidal thoughts were reinforced. The fatigue increased. Stiffness of the muscles. Twitching of the muscles, which were interpreted as restless leg. Electricity discharges in the brain that exploded like an explosion and then swept across the body. Depressions. Numbness on the whole body on the left side to the right, speech disorders. Stuttering, word-finding disorders. Lack of concentration. Dizziness. Weight gain. Incoordination. Narrowing of the visual field, perception disorders. (no psyhose but one takes his umwellt not true) extreme emotional blunting) I do not know what I should still pay. After 5 years I am a mental Wrak and my psychiatrist has put most of it on any other illnesses or pushed the psychosis itself. I was socially isolated because I did not get along with the situation. When I started taking Zyprexa, most of them were not known or published. Zyprexa can not be deposed like that either (my psychiatrist told me) you should steal it because the withdrawal symptoms are just as colorful as the side effects themselves. And still most of the side effects have not been published. Not even half of what you can read in the I-Net is in the pack. And only through the Internet, I realized that I am not alone with the side effects and the Zyprexa is the cause of all the suffering I went through. Zyprexa is suitable for the acute stage. For long term therapy definitely not. And do not get rid of your psychiatrist because that’s the psychosis or some other illness. Zyprexa makes these side effects.