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  1. Marilyn J. Harmon says:
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    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Due to the brood cancer diagnosed in May 2014, therapy with tamoxifen has been taking place for 3 weeks. 20mg of tamoxifen every day for four days. I then had psychotic relapses with loss of control and massive fears. On the advice of the treating gynecologist, I discontinued the drug and the symptoms described disappeared. Now I have been taking tamoxifen for a few days now; but lower doses, 10 mg daily. Since then, I’ve had the many side effects: lack of concentration, headache, diffuse weakness, dry mucous membranes … I want to continue the therapy and currently have the feeling that it is good for me to be able to take action against the cancer. I try to be physically active every day. But enough strength and I counteract the side effects. I have low body weight. The dose should be sufficient. Does anyone have experience with the low dosage?