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  1. Kristy H. Wheeler says:
    4.5 rating

    I had in June 2011, the third spiral can be used as a result. Had never before problems at least not aware. Even when inserting I noticed that it was different, I had never had such a pain. Just a short time later, it all began. I got strong panicacs , Tachycardia, depressions and again and again stomach, intestinal problems, back pain, headache, tingling in the hands, I was constantly sick and either diarrhea or very hard bowel movements.Bin from one doctor to another! At the end of July, I was a week in the hospital; Nothing advised me to take a cure, I did, but after that I did not feel much better! On the contrary it got worse and worse. Until a customer told me about hormone problems. I had the impression that she told my story. Have googled that first and found really frightening reports. Have discussed it with my FA, She said: Yes, there would be such cases would be unlikely, since I previously a After some new blood tests, she said I could let her out, but that should be considered carefully, because it was also a question of price! Am now also decided to let me pull, because you can enjoy life with no Can pay money.

  2. Charlene W. McCord says:
    3.5 rating

    Weight gain (18kg!), acne, hair loss, swollen breasts, feeling of pregnancy, high blood pressure, palpitations, heart stumbling, joint pain, tinitus, dizziness, anxiety, depression, dysphagia, stomach ache, constipation, listlessness, listlessness, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, inner Agitation, burning legs, heavy legs, abdominal pain, fungal infections, vaginal dryness,

  3. Susan R. Caudill says:
    4.5 rating

    I try to be brief. In February 2004 I had the Mirena used. My gynecologist has praised her in the highest tones. The actual goal of not getting pregnant has been achieved, therefore also effectiveness full score. It did not take long and the first mood swings occurred. Similar to PMS. It got worse from month to month. My doctor has prescribed herbal remedies, chaste tree, St. John’s wort, B vitamin. Did not help everything. Since 2005 I have been in psychological treatment. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts. Citalopram, sertraline, lamotrigine. It got a little better, but the diagnosed depression never really went away. I was so over water. The job was very busy, the children and the household were very demanding. I’ll keep you together, I kept saying to myself and swallowing the pills. The anxiety (frightening at night have no orientation and get no air, for example) were really better during the medication. The depression remained. I just wanted to pull the blanket over my head. I was tired only anyway. In 2008 I started a Therpie, after which I lost my job. I have not even come up with the idea in five years (since December 2009 she’s gone out) that the symptoms could have something to do with the spiral. How stupid is that? I was not informed by my doctor about any side effects before onset, nor did she or any other doctor (not even the psychologist) point it out over time. Only my dearest friend gave me the tip in December 2009 to google Mirena and side effects. She got along well with the Mirena, but soon after the second insertion she noticed that she was getting worse and worse. Dizziness, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, mood swings. When I read various posts in forums, also here at sanegro, I immediately arranged an appointment to pull the spiral. Since 21.12. is she out and today, on 30.1.10, I can say very clearly: I am fine, as I have not been for 5 years. It’s unbelievable how quickly the body switches back to normal. I had no rule for 5 years. Of course it started again after pulling, but it is ok. I have never been so happy about blood !!! I am already in contact with the medical association. I can only recommend to any woman who has similar symptoms, not to wait for it to get better. It does not get better, rather worse. Doctors need to be informed and inform their patients. The more women that get in touch, the better. Even small suspicious moments are enough for the medical association. I waited 4 weeks, but I did not have a depressive day at this time. I have not been taking medication for a week. I’m fine. That the Mirena is practical, no more rule, no daily pills-swallowing, you do not notice them in the body, wonderful. There are certainly a lot of women, such. My sister, who likes her great. Congratulations, but for the rest, go out with the thing. Incidentally, my doctor just smiled at me, because of depression and Mirena. Can not be, she said. On the contrary, it raises the mood. Nonsense, the only thing she lifted was my weight. But I might have been able to live with that. LG sally

  4. Anna H. Simmons says:
    4.0 rating

    I was the Mirena: every day anxiety that got worse and worse, I could only fall asleep very badly out of fear of anxiety, I suffered from constant palpitations, tachycardia, I felt a constant tightness on my chest and often real heartache, I had Dizziness and could hardly get air, my rule was the use of completely away, I had no desire for physical closeness, I could not live through the symptoms of my normal daily routine, I thought more often that I was seriously ill and only even had a short life! It was even so bad that I was driven to the emergency room at night because I got a violent panic attack and could not stop shaking! It took me 6 months to realize that it was the Mirena. No doctor could help me …. and stamped me off as a psycho case !!! Only through the internet and the firm will to find out what happens to me, I have come across the side effects of Mirena. I let Mirena go and my symptoms disappeared on the spot or the next day !!! Now I can finally live again!

  5. Deborah H. Henderson says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Depression; Pain (acute)

    To all women here and all who will soon find in this forum! Actually, I have reports on the drug Cymbalta searched for the following reason: When it’s happened to me during the time with Cymbalta extremely good, I felt fit and become more stable, had a lot of positive thoughts and was able to look forward to things right again, went it goes downhill after just 3 months. Why did I ask myself? There were no reasons why I became depressed again, had pain all over my body again, a burning sensation in my upper body, my shoulders hurt as if it had a ton load. I also felt my neck again. Totally the whole body cramps in fear. I have a small child to look after but in such a state it is overworking and just annoying but in truth I could cry because she and my partner are just sorry for me. You feel restricted and not free and you can not be happy. Everything laughs but you can not find anything funny anymore. Then I browsed a bit and lo and behold, my eyes immediately fell on the MIRENA. Oh, horror, what did I have to read, but the best part was that it was pretty much in line with my experience. After my neurologist told me I was no longer depressed, would have a good perspective privately and professionally, everything healthy and happy because I still thought beaming – yes, now it’s uphill again! Three months later – see above: – (Now I really wondered if it would could be a connection Meanwhile, I think that it is so in January 2005, our daughter was born in June 2005, I ordered on the advice of my.. . FÄ the MIRENA put what took place smoothly and although I did not feel any pain the advertising of this great product has good job otherwise I would not have chosen me for my tax offices – that before I lived hormone-free for years without pill side effects were to the effect mentioned as one. a little tension headaches or off and have circulation problems to once could All these little northwest would but give over time as she handed me the MIRENA passport so I thought -.. I must be proud of now, this is something like a donor card, Can you pass them on in the event of a fall? You know at least how long they can still afford their services because of the date SPRING 2007 at least it started when I could not sleep properly at night, got fears, feeling cold which a gut is getting colder towards the heart. Tingling in the fingers and toes. More and more often I sat on the couch at night, totally restless and I was so shaky and frozen and had fears. Incredible. I registered with my family doctor for check, but it was all ok. Back home – 2 weeks so it goes on with concentrated power until I’m just crooked and cried. I just wanted to be like before, be happy, be happy. I could not do that. Family doctor referred me to the neurologist, the rest is known then. Mentioned that I wear IUD I have two doctors who have said do not believe that there’s a connection there because the hormones are so minimal doses, etc., etc. In my neurologist I was again a regular guest and if I feel a fear again should I if necessary take 1 tabl. lorazepam. But it was all before I read the reports about MIRENA. I have recommended this site to my sister, brother and all that I know and everyone immediately informed me and was speechless. Anyway, I decided as an emergency in another practice to let the spiral because my FÄ is on vacation. That was on Monday, 06.10.2008. Before we had a conversation by mentioning how it would be if I prefer to take the medication again or if it is perhaps the thyroid gland? No she is not! Then she said that she used hundreds of these spirals but she would not have heard anything like that, but she takes my complaints seriously, hoping that I feel better afterwards. She would also have a very good contact with my FÄ then it would interest you how it went on with me. On leaving, almost all the rooms were open and on each bunk and everywhere and on the walls and knows the vulture where still the name MIRENA stung my eye. Do they also have a pool at home – sponsored by MIRENA Side effects that I attribute to this are: anxiety, feeling cold, constant pondering d. something bad happens, concentration problems, upper body pain u. Poor, tingling (hands and feet), feeling of fullness and constant burping, photosensitivity, unreality. Susceptible to infections. I have no more Mirena, I’m glad and wait for it that I am physically and mentally better again what I am in the past

  6. Carrie F. Banks says:
    4.5 rating

    After 4 wanted pregnancies I had the Mirena Spiral inserted. From head free for the love !!! In 9 months 6 Kg., Very severe depression and anxiety, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, constant fungal infections, listlessness, mood swings, tiredness. That’s what I think of so spontaneously. When I was sitting at the Gyn., The helper said that I did not have to read through everything: everything was scare. Therefore, I did not know the side effects before. After 9 months I went to Gyn., And told him about my complaints (still not knowing that they came from the spiral)! He recommended to remove the Mirena immediately and used a copper spiral for me. The pull of the Mirena I did not feel. The setting was very uncomfortable. That was yesterday, in four weeks I have an appointment at gyn. and I’ll tell him how I feel now. One thing is certain: I will never use hormones again! Of course, not everyone is like me, my friend eg. tolerates the Mirena very well. (or she does not admit it) 😉 I would not recommend her. And to easily test if you can handle it, it is too expensive. (300 €)

  7. Angela C. Pauls says:
    4.5 rating

    The laying of the spiral was very painful! I almost fainted. At first, it was great to stop bleeding. There were spotting, abdominal pain, fluid retention in the uterus, vaginal dryness, libido, extreme irritability and mood swings. This in turn led to conflicts in the partnership. I felt more and more like robbing me of the best years of my life! Constantly wearing a panty liner for fear of not being able to hold the water. I felt like 80! Creeping more and more things came to it; Anxiety, headache, depression !!! The bad thing is, I’ve thought for years, it’s up to me, although I did not know myself like that! Also I never got a leaflet to face. Now this thing has been out for a year and those miserable conditions are gone! Thank goodness Libido is back, but there is a year of hard partnership work behind me! Girls, listen to your body and do not let the doctors persuade you that everything is OK! Is not it! And depression is not funny!

  8. Nancy L. Denman says:
    5.0 rating

    I had Mirena used in September 2007 in the hope that my days will be missed and my blood levels will improve. Inserting itself was a bit painful, had to take two painkillers, but on the second day it was much better. One month later, I had breast tenderness, numbness in the arms and hands, then about 2 months of cardiac arrhythmia, which totally disturbed me. That’s why I went to the doctor, and he said that it can come from hormones. Fear of death, high blood pressure (normal very low) and the feeling of being close to heart attack. Have received advice from my doctor, either remove M. or increase beta blocker in the worst case. I have decided to continue my normal life and have removed Mirena 2 months ago. After that it immediately stopped with heart racing. But got skin pull. I know that sounds weird. My skin was very dry all over the month, dandruff and facial tightness. I drank so much water, tea in this time as never before in my life. Now I am looking for other alternative and will change to pill.

  9. Pauline C. Metcalf says:
    4.0 rating

    negative side effects: – after use heavy bleeding about 2 weeks, later for half a year lubricating bleeding – beginning after about 3 weeks after onset blemishes on the stomach, strong itchy big pimples – disappeared after a few weeks – sometimes itching all over – Pain in the chest – made me transfer to mammography, because I thought I have something serious – severe anxiety, bad dreams – to the point of dread – panic attacks – terrible moodiness – purulent strange taste in the mouth, which came and went – severe pain in the right Area after about 1 year steadily getting worse – especially around the entry point – in urine sometimes severe pain, thought constantly I had a urinary tract infection – paralysis especially on the right side – got migraine – became much worse during Mirena time – less pleasure positive side effects : – Menstrual bleeding was very mild AFTER REMOVAL the Mirena: – immediate improvement of the right-sided pain – it turned out that the thread had wrapped somewhere – no more anxiety, no panic – in a better mood – all negative side effects were gone sooner or later I think that every woman this spiral different good or bad tolerates … I did not tolerate it unfortunately although I saw the type of contraception for very practical, but the side effects were then too much laborious. I was constantly afraid that these apparitions would remain.

  10. Consuela T. Billingsley says:
    4.5 rating

    Got Mirena 4 years ago and wished it had never happened. I would have been better informed of the side effects by my doctor at that time. I had the Mirena taken out 4 weeks ago, and I’m getting better. My doctor still thinks that it could not be the Mirena, what With me in the 4 years happened.I have briefly gone through the hell on earth. It started with high blood pressure, Panickattacken, anxiety, head pressure, dizziness, listlessness, weight gain, fogged, … until I thought that I am going crazy. From one doctor to another, I ran, unfortunately, still have complaints that my hopes pass , I RATE ALL OF MIRENA.

  11. Marlene C. Duarte says:
    4.5 rating

    Never again!!! Hello dear ones …. After one and a half years of nightmare, I have yesterday, against the advice and to the great horror of my gynecologist to pull the Mirena spiral. I was very skeptical from the start, but I still let it set because of my heavy menstrual bleeding. Then the nightmare began. I had 6 months of constant pain that almost drove me crazy. Not to mention the permanent bleeding. I’m always back to my doctor, who always said the same thing … Initial difficulties that settle. It did after half a year … But then started the fear and the panic attacks. I became a different person. I am firmly convinced that it is certainly related to the spiral. The many women who report the same, confirm this. I hope very much that, over time, my life will become what it was before the Mirena. I can only really advise against it all. The doctors swore on it. Not me. Greetings to you and I would be happy to read even more experience reports .. Manu

  12. Ethel D. Cruz says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Polymenorrhoea

    In December 2008, I was the Mirena laid because I was due to increasingly frequent heavy menstrual bleeding at the end. The laying was uncomfortable and it bleeded and smeared for several weeks. Then everything happened. Hardly any more rule, no more complaints. But: no desire for sex, tachycardia, anxiety, aggression, night sweats. But I have not pushed on it because I had not read these reviews. Then in October ’09 again and again strong abdominal pain. In November control at Gyn. The shock, spiral slipped, so out and under beastly pain again purely. The absolute hammer, 2 days to bed. Since the pain, bleeding, exercise is almost not, then the rest of the day again, severe pain and bleeding. I think I’ll get that thing removed, that’s not how it works. I prefer to quit smoking and take back the pill, which I actually reject because of the risk of thrombosis. All I can say is, if your doctor does not believe everything, I feel like 9 out of 10 women are satisfied, I can not believe it anymore.

  13. Michelle P. Parker says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello my dears! I have the Mirena now for almost 10 years and am extremely scared of what I’ve read (not only in this forum) now for reviews. Actually, I was just looking for a confirmation that my (now increasingly occurring) abdominal spasms are related to the spiral ….. and now I have just found a whole list of side effects, which I 80 – 90% self-confirm. For me, the Mirena was recommended because at 17 I already had a leg vein thrombosis, then was not allowed to take a pill and then got the copper spiral. But I did not tolerate these and so I was (after the birth of my son) the Mirena very dear to the heart, because it has virtually no side effects, except the great fact that the menstrual is hardly or no longer felt and see. I immediately felt so well because I had to think about no interactions with other drugs, no pill intake and so on. Every now and then I had an abdominal spasm for a few hours, but after my gynecologist said it was all alright, I did not care anymore. So after 5 years I got rid of the old one and put a new one because it was so practical and the few convulsions a year were a low price for my independence ….. That I have changed a lot in the last years , for me totally untypical behavior on the day, constantly having any physical ailments for which no doctor has an explanation (blood values all super fine, organs also everything ok) and I have almost no desire to have sex or physical closeness more meanwhile almost cost me my marriageIf I have to read now that there are hundreds of women who feel the same way, I could only howl ….. with happiness that I am not alone and finally found out and in anger, because these damn gynecologists probably all really just Provitgeil or simply blue-eyed areHere is a small list of my complaints that have crept in recent years, but increasingly occurred: – extremely frequent headaches, to migraine-like conditions – scalp itching with recurring dandruff – constantly blemished skin (had hardly pimples as a teenager) – Itching all over the body – permanent feeling of bloated, up to the feeling of being pregnant – flatulence and stool problems, despite adequate hydration (good 3 liters daily) – total libido loss (maximum 1 time every 2 to 3 months of desire, but even during which disappears) – anxiety to depression – tantrums, extreme mood swings – creeping weight gain, despite normal eating behavior (eat rather little) – water retention – pernicious pain in the abdomen, with the feeling that someone pushes a knitting needle through the vagina – memory problems – joint pain (feels gout or Ar thritis-like) – massive sleep disorders – circulatory problems – sweating to chills – constant tiredness, fatigue and listlessness ….. Yes and so it goes on and no doctor finds an explanation for even one symptom, because, after all, my blood levels okay and I’m only 31 years old. Conclusion: what should I have, except that I’m more likely to be a hypochondriac, than really sick …. I go to the gynecologist tomorrow and get advice on what I have in my situation for contraceptive options. But one thing I know for sure: This little crap comes outIf then hopefully in a few weeks at least some of my problems in the air dissolve, I would be really grateful. At the moment, all my hope lies in the removal of this thing, since I really do not know myself anymore and do not want to go on living like that. Luckily, I have a man who has been with me all these years and is really looking forward to hoping I’ll be back soon.

  14. Doris C. Austin says:
    4.5 rating

    I let myself use the spiral 3 years ago, the gynecologist said she was better than any pill. After the onset of long lasting bleeding. After about 2 years, only once a year ne small spotting bleeding. But after 2.5 years, the abdominal pain was more, the Ärtzin always meant everything ok. The abdominal pain was always present except for a few days. Unfortunately, too. After almost 3 years, I was often sweaty at night, awake and got panic from the tachycardia. I was afraid to die, that’s how it happened. Everything is ok with the cardiologist. The tachycardia was getting worse and the panic attacks, anxiety became more, it dragged on for months, fatigue and irritability are the order of the day one is only weak and one is dizzy (CT in order) blood levels ok thyroid ok and the weight gain despite Eating under observation is inexplicable. Now it has been found out, it is the Mirena side effects that have now occurred. The spiral comes out now. My side effects in one sentence: palpitations & amp; Rhytmus Disorder (L-ECG), Dizziness, Fatigue, Irritated, Lower Abdomen & amp; Chest pain, weight gain, anxiety & amp; Panic attacks, sweating (circulatory problems)

  15. Martha D. Padilla says:
    4.5 rating

    Have today after 10 years, the MIRENA on the advice of my new gynecologist remove. After my pregnancy in 1998, Mirena was recommended to me by my gynecologist at that time, insertion was without any problems, no bleeding was very pleasant, after 5 years then (2003) the obligatory change, all big and small complaints I pushed until summer 2007 on too much work ( I am self-employed and certainly had too little time for myself). In the summer of 2007, my Odysee began: only months of sleep + sleep disorders, listlessness and thus naturally irritability, lack of concentration, etc. It got a bit better in the autumn by reducing the workload, in the spring of 2008 I had a very tight schedule and somehow I had to go through it all. In April we started with blurred vision and vertigo, until then I could not go shopping (at the cash register) wait, was like standing on a staggering ship) and finally in July with the absolute feeling that now I cant to land at the neurologist. In the brain everything was fine, blood in order, thyroid in order, diagnosis also logically by my family doctor burn-out. That was certainly partly it, but now I have reduced my work many times over the past six months, the financial pressure as well, I have a lot more time for myself, do at least 1 hour of sport a day in the air, meditate, do that 5 Tibetans, do not drink coffee anymore, etc. At the same time, since 2006, for no real reason, I have gained 15 kilos. All stress-reducing measures have worked in part, but not completely, the last few months I’ve got panic attacks when more than 100 people in the room, heart arrhythmia and tachycardia, tingling on the feet, diffuse anxiety, cotton wool in the head, etc. Have it all almost pushed to menopause and then decided to change my old (even in real life old) gynecologist and I went to a fresh from the university doctor. Today. After I told her all that and she has really taken 40 minutes, came from her the advice to remove the Mirena (actually, it would have been the time to change again and my old gynecologist would have certainly used me again a new, the do not deserve because bad and at least I paid 2x paperless). She said that she already had three women with similar diagnoses, diffuse, variable symptoms, all of whom had the mirena, and who were getting better after removing them. If this has been the puzzle for the last 2 awful years now, I can advise anyone who is aware of any changes after the onset of MIrena to pay close attention to themselves. I’m supposed to wait three months for what and how things are going to change, but after reading a series of testimonials I’m convinced that there’s a connection with me.

  16. Renay J. Oliver says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 34 years old and wanted to share my experiences with the Mirena. I let them put me in early 2015 after the birth of my daughter, because I did not want to take the pill again and so wanted to burden my body with fewer hormones. The shot went completely backwards ….. At the beginning I had a 5.4 cm cyst at the first routine examination, which had to be treated with additional hormones! What irony, I wanted fewer hormones. Thank God, she left alone. After that, the odyssey then really started …… Constant breast tenderness on the left and that so much that even the smallest touch made me twitch (sleeping on the stomach was no longer possible), hair loss on the head, but excessive hair growth at other parts of the body, nonspecific abdominal pain partly with spotting, totally blemished skin especially on both arms (t-shirt is not possible anymore in summer) Of course I did not get a leaflet and was not asked about the side effects. Creeping then came now even more anxiety and concentration problems and also the next cyst sneaked in (5.7 cm ….. had to be treated again) With all these side effects, I was with my FA and he has me always with the statement sent home that it could in no case be due to the spiral. Now I let her go and hope for improvement …… Consider exactly what you do with your body;)

  17. Shawanna C. Gates says:
    5.0 rating

    So girls, after I’ve finally noticed that the HS can be responsible for my complaints, I would like to describe my experiences with Mirena here: I have in 2007 the first Mirena and 2012 set the second. The onset was rather little painful and good to endure. Now, I have gradually changed over the years! I am joyless, aggressive, have mood swings, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, fast tachycardia, digestive problems, dizziness, hot flashes, headaches, back pain, my breasts are so sensitive that you can hardly adjust them and the desire for sex is completely gone! I would never have associated the Mirena with it, but then I got severe abdominal pain and constant bleeding. My gyn was currently on vacation, so I could not get an appointment right away. After a while, it was less and I thought: Ok, then everything is fine again! But then it started again and I once entered Google: Bleeding despite Mirena! Then I came across the various forums and must say: I WAS RELATED! It was as if the women’s reports came from me! I could virtually class myself with all the side effects described! I could not believe it and then I’m gyn. Diagnosis: uterine infection! … basically, this was still missing to complete the list of side effects! I told him that I fear the Mirena is responsible. He said that he would not believe that, not even the other complaints. I told him that it does not matter if he believes it! I believe it and that’s more important! I could not let the Mirena because of the strong inflammation on this day. Had me for a new appointment. Unfortunately I could not comply with this because of dizziness and panic attacks (basically strange! Can not fix the cause, because the complaints do not allow it) and now have the appointment for pulling today. I would never recommend anyone to the Mirena again! I would never have dreamed that she might possibly be the culprit of my problems! I thought I was absolutely psycho and needed therapy 🙁 I seriously thought of going into psychiatric treatment to return to normal life, I hope … and believe …. that my complaints So, to everyone who might be thinking of having an HS inserted! Stay away! Any other method of contraception is better !! Vg, Nicole

  18. Robert P. Vega says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 34 years old and I have the Mirena about 3 months after the birth of my daughter WITHOUT notice of any possible side effects can be inserted. A few weeks after placement I got hair loss (still) and creeping, gradually mood swings, feelings of anxiety, constant fatigue and listlessness up to the depression I even wrote! I could list a whole palette here and, honestly, I’m happy about the cases where it works well and can not understand why the wearers have the negative experience (FOUNDED !!!) made to be called a scare maker and the like. Be damn glad that you have tolerated or veträgt! You really do not want to know how it fills up, if you have to stand fear and imagine things that a healthy person does not come to mind! And – some NW can occur later. I think that is different from woman to woman, but these cases are probably synonymous. So, think first, then talk, if you have no idea! PS: There is no joking about depression and many do not even know that they have it …. And google what you think about the Mirena. There are also official references. See also the leaflet of the Mirena hardly got a woman to face (I know no case !!!). I would never have let them lie down !!!

  19. Julie J. Martin says:
    4.5 rating

    First, no side effects. Later sleep disorders, ever-increasing depression and above all anxiety. Loss of libido. Doctor said that this is not related to Mirena, but premature menopause and have actually prescribed something against menopausal symptoms. As a result, I let the Mirena go against the will of the doctor and changed the doctor. That was 2003! The symptoms disappear very soon – no more of fear, depression and libido loss !! A completely different quality of life!