Anorgasmia effect of Cymbalta

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  1. Stephen M. Boyer says:
    2.5 rating

    Erection good. By masturbating ejaculation possible (very much manual labor). During intercourse, no orgasm, after a while the erection disappears.

    Side effects: Anorgasmia
  2. Daniel D. Shaw says:
    4.0 rating

    I have been taking this medication for about a year because of the pain of chronic bone inflammation. I take 30 milligrams every morning and evening. At first I thought it would not help me. I’m not sure anymore. The pain got a little better within that time, but I do not know if the inflammation just got better. I had almost no side effects. I did not feel sick or anything like that, but I did not have any orgasms right from the beginning of my intake and generally had sexual problems. Since I did not know about this side effect before, I only came to the conclusion that it came about after a long period of time and then discontinued the medication for one week. Then the pain became much worse, but that’s always intermittent with me. So I do not know again whether it was the deposition. Immediately I could have orgasms again and the sexual problems went away. however, I was in so much pain that I immediately started taking it again. I am now trying to drop them off again because these side effects severely affect my relationship.

    Side effects: Anorgasmia