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  1. Marion J. Ross says:
    3.5 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    I started with 25mg in the evening and should be slowly dosing. In the first week of taking it, I fell asleep everywhere on the way, constantly getting into the wrong public transport or missed my stations and was therefore everywhere too late. Also, I felt like someone had put a dark bag over my head. I was extremely dizzy throughout and although I had the feeling to see normal, I still did not notice the details in the picture (like cars). I thought that was due to the many medical appointments and I was tired. In the second week I was not busy as scheduled and should therefore work again to 100%. About noon I had to go home to sleep, otherwise I would have fallen asleep at work and would certainly not get any understanding. The doctor had told me that the side effects would be very strong initially and would decrease over time. After about 2 weeks, I dosed up to 50mg and hoped the side effects would disappear over time, I finally wanted to know if it helps against my chronic migraine. I could not think clearly, not only at work but also in everyday tasks, such as shopping or just walking across the street or driving two stops by bus instead of 16 to the final stop. I could not count at all, even simple bills like 5 + 2 were an unsolvable puzzle to me. Even so, I stuck to the idea that the side effects might disappear and took it further. I dosed after about 3.5 weeks to 75 mg up. I got terrible stomach cramps from it and just wanted to sleep all the time. My sense of direction and even the ability to use my brain for thinking and to solve any tasks in the work, was no longer useful. The attempt to reach my neurologist to ask him for dosing advice had failed, so I dosed myself down to 50 mg. I took 50 mg for 2 days, but the stomach cramps that I have had since the 75 mg dose were getting worse. I was no longer able to work at all and otherwise only a miserable misery. Since I still could not reach my neurologist, I set the dosage after 2 days on my own down to 25 mg, because it was unbearable. That did not improve either. Finally, I reached my neurologist and was able to completely stop the medication after one week to 25 mg. Thanks to this drug and my increased need for sleep and constant dizziness, my now almost 6 year old relationship almost broke up. I almost did not speak anymore because I knew that with my brain skill nothing meaningful came out of me and if so, I would not have been able to process or understand the answer at all. I believe a drug with such side effects not only has the short-term effects of side effects on the body and even if you do not perceive them as extreme as I do now, so must something strong, if you take it in the long term, certainly have long-term effects. I do not think it’s worth bringing such medicines for migraine, after all it’s a more pronounced kind of headache and not life-threatening, so it’s not worth stuffing yourself with such crap and ruining your body with it. Dear Migraine as a loss of personality and complete disability. But maybe that’s just my experience. I had the pleasure of playing guinea pigs for migraine medications for 2 years and then had a little rest and got along better with my aspirin, than with any other meds. I have not tolerated a single medication for migraine so far and have tested about 30 so far. Everyone had terrible side effects on me and no improvement at all. Maybe I am an incompatible exception and other migraineurs tolerate the drugs well. Incidentally, I had weight loss, but that was probably less of the drug than that I slept instead of eating lunch and abens as well. However, the feeling of hunger was completely absent. I had sensory disturbances all the time, but they were not as bad as the rest of the side effects. I also had extreme acne and difficulty remembering the past. I also usually had to cry after work when I came home. However, I do not know if I should count this as depression or just a natural feeling when you feel like you can not do anything normal under the influence of such drugs and just be insane. The side effects disappeared 4 days after drug discontinuation, including the problem of being attached to past events

  2. Renee J. Bush says:
    3.0 rating

    Topamax for Epilepsy

    Dosage: 50/50 Side effects: Weight loss by about 8 kg, loss of appetite, severe hair loss, aggressiveness, sensory disturbances (ants, muscle aches, etc.) In addition to reducing the dose, the side effects are reduced 3 months.

  3. Brad A. Flores says:
    4.5 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    For years I have been suffering from constant, almost daily, severe headaches. On the advice of my doctor, I take Topamax for a week now. The first two days, I did not notice any side effects. The third day I realized that I was very unfocused and listless at work, but could continue to pull me together. After consultation with my doctor about how it went, I should increase the dose of 25mg daily in the evening to 50mg. The next day I was not feeling well. At noon, diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness started. I could not think clearly or concentrate. My arms and legs are powerless and uncoordinated. I could not drive a car. My hands were numb and my forearms felt strange, as if they did not belong to my body. I was not hungry and did not feel like eating, let alone drinking or talking. I then took only 25mg again and held the next day consultation with my doctor. He said I first had to get used to the pills and should calmly increase the dose. I have done this for the weekend. In general I am in a bad mood since I took the pills. How depressive, but without reason. I have not laughed since then. I do not want to talk or eat. The thought of having to use my arms to put something in my mouth and open my mouth – I’m not motivated enough. Everything is too exhausting. My head is totally fogged and I feel dizzy. My arms do not do what they should. I keep crying – for no reason. I do not want to go out. I sleep most of the time. At least I have a week off now and I’m home. I could not go to work like that. I should even increase the dose. If it stays that way with the side effects, I’ll stop the medication. Whether it helps against the headache, I can not say so exactly.

  4. Joseph C. Meyer says:
    5.0 rating

    Topamax for A headache

    After having had a bad headache almost daily for about 2 weeks, the doctor prescribed the Topamax for 3 months as a cure. I started with 25 mg, which did not help, only when I increased the dose to 50 mg on the advice of the doctor, the daily headache disappeared. The side effects came slowly. Loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea and with time more and more fatigue. Could concentrate badly and became more and more forgetful. Has recurrent violent palpitations (with normal blood pressure) and came in the smallest effort (Treppesteigen) in respiratory distress. At night I often woke up because my feet were tingling, my heart was thumping, or I had cold sweats. It got worse every day until I could not get out of bed for the last few days. The morning shower had gone so hard that I had to lie down again. Since I could not muster the strength to cook, I wanted to put at least one pizza in the oven for my children. To bring the pizza from the cellar into the kitchen had triggered tachycardia and breathlessness. Suddenly I realized that I was getting dizzy, the hands and feet began to tingle and became numb, my whole body was vexed. Could just alert the emergency call before I could no longer hold the phone and lie on the kitchen floor with numb arms and legs. Of course, I was panicked and thought, now everything is over. The spasm resolved, however, again after about 10 minutes (with the arrival of the ambulance). I was checked for safety in the hospital, but heart, lungs, everything o.k .. The doctor said it could have been very good the side effects of Topamax and I should leave it out. Do not take it for 2 days anymore and feel like a new person! Today I even cooked and cleaned again, no racing heart any more and my head does not feel as heavy as lead!

  5. John I. Gerdes says:
    4.0 rating

    Topamax for Epilepsy; Migraine

    About 30 years ago I had my first migraine attacks; originally it was unilateral severe pain in the right temple, combined with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound. The complaints have changed over the years, so I \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sehstöhrungen and headache had to fight. In the past, however, the complaints only once a month, so I could be happy if it lasted for a seizure a day … End of December last year, then an epileptic seizure was added to me by Notartzt led to the hospital. Since then I take Topamax. I am very very divided. I had actually given up the hope to find something against the migraine attacks. The first 4 weeks since I took Topamax I had the feeling that the Sehstöhrungen still lurking in the background \ can not break through; mitlerweile but also that is gone. Sehstöhrungen / Auren I have since had no more; not for the first time in 20 years !! But there are mitlerweile a whole bunch of other z.T. serious side effects: tingling in the hands + feet, loss of appetite, listlessness, fatigue, suicidal thoughts (!), memory lapses; I take at the time in the morning + in the evening 50 mg each; I wish you success!

  6. Marilyn M. Morgan says:
    1.0 rating

    Topamax for Epilepsy

    Fatigue, dizziness, ataxia, speech / speech disorders, paresthesia, nystagmus, drowsiness, nervousness, psychomotor slowdown, memory disorders, confusion, loss of appetite, anxiety, attention deficit / loss of concentration, depression, nausea, weight loss, headache, double vision and other vision problems. Psychosis, psychotic symptoms, aggressive behavior, change in taste, agitation, cognitive problems, mood swings, emotional lability, coordination disorders, gait disturbances, suicidal thoughts

  7. Jennifer D. Baldwin says:
    4.0 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    From 25mg to 75mg – I have been suffering from migraine headaches for about 25 years with 4-5 seizures a month. For 4 months, starting with 25mg, increased to 75mg within 4 weeks, I take Topamax. At first struggling with strong side effects, such as confusion !, Word finding disorders, very strong tingling in hands and feet, taste changes and loss of appetite, my body has adjusted quite well to the drug. My migraine attacks have become much less and for me after 25 years of migraine headache, after all that you can only prevent and whatever it can do against this disease, a great success. Of course the side effects are not gone. They are going on. Not as strong as in the beginning. But I can live better with the side effects than with the strong migraine attacks 4-5 times a month – that is almost 14 days. Tingling in hands and feet (occasionally), tiredness, frequent word-finding disorders (if too little sleep), heartburn, carbon dioxide I feel as stale

  8. Katherine D. Phelan says:
    4.5 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    on the first 4 days: Physical: tingling in the feet, numbness in the arms, sometimes in the face; extreme fatigue, do not sleep well; Thirst, lack of appetite but hunger; dizziness cognitive: mood swings, thin skin, disturbances, slowness, eigendlich like a permanent aura …. but it got better in the last few days, only a little tingling, a little tired, but not so next to me, as in the beginning. and I’m still thirsting. now comes the dose increase ….

  9. Anna M. Goodwin says:
    5.0 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    slowly increasing the dose for weeks – this did not equate side effects. Then severe vision problems (no straight line, letters distorted) when increasing to 1x 25 plus 1×12.5 mg. Initially, tapering to low doses (12.5 mg) for the eyes – this improved other symptoms, so they could be classified as side effects: severe diarrhea, headache, nausea, taste distortions (everything tasted bitter), loss of appetite, strong paresthesia in hands and feet – at night sleep disturbances -, depressive moods (wine attacks), weight loss 6 kg, blood sugar suddenly 122 (One week after weaning back to normal). Discontinuation of the remedy. Nevertheless, some side effects persist in a reduced form, the intraocular pressure still needs to be checked. The migraine (at least every 2 days, of several times a day with aura) has improved, but the price is too high. In particular, the depressive moods that lasted even with the smallest dosage, I can not accept.

  10. Barbara T. Howard says:
    4.5 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    The dosage increase at the beginning was difficult, as difficult to divide tablets. Now I take 2 times a day 25 mg that works well, unfortunately you have to keep to 12-hour interval, otherwise occur first side effects such as tingling in hands and feet. I also have mood swings, I’ve become more unstable, had my first kidney stone this week ( AUA !!!) and will probably settle it now. A pity, the migraine is as good as gone. I lost 6 pounds in 3 months, was ok. Loss of appetite is also one of the side effects with me. Unfortunately, word finding disorders and uncertainty in everyday life too.

  11. Susan E. Garrison says:
    3.5 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    Severe nausea, loss of appetite and weight loss of about 2-3 pounds of normal weight. Circulatory problems with a little more exercise (e.g., walking to the bus). Ingested starch 2×25 mg per day / taken 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening. I would have had to increase the dose in order to be able to rely on the success of the prophylactic drug beta-blocker. So I put it off then.

    Side effects: Nausea; Anorexia; Weight loss
  12. Loretta I. Barrington says:
    3.5 rating

    Topamax for Sleep disorders; Epilepsy

    Since I take the drug I have a strong loss of appetite and has to fight a lot to keep my weight! Otherwise, I’m fine with it.

    Side effects: Anorexia; Weight loss