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We have 45 consumer reports for Strattera. Anorexia effect occurred in 16%.

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  1. Jan B. Patton says:
    3.0 rating

    Strattera for Depression; Adh syndrome

    The worst thing that happens to me! Had 4 weeks thereby very strong depression, suicidal thoughts, absolute sleep and loss of appetite! Since the Straterra was discontinued, I am much better! Never again!

    Side effects: Anorexia
  2. Helen A. Bray says:
    3.0 rating

    Strattera for Ads / adh syndrome

    After just a few days of taking it, I was completely unrestrained, without appetite and depressed. This condition intensified within 4 weeks to suicidal thoughts. I could not find an effect on the symptoms of ADHD. I’m just glad to have discontinued the drug immediately.

    Side effects: Listlessness; Anorexia
  3. David M. Miller says:
    4.5 rating

    Strattera for Ads / adh syndrome

    at 2014 ads were diagnosed (in adulthood). Previously, I had tried out the 10 different antidepressants because of a complete breakdown in 2011, as the depression was in the foreground. As such means I could not tolerate and was not viable at this time, because only comatose and completely impotent. So completely the opposite of what we wanted to achieve with it. At some point I gave it up and got through with LASEA (lavender capsules) (for me a really great over the counter) !! When I was reintegrated into working life, my therapist noticed a topic – concentration problems / organizational problems etc … and that since my childhood. She sent me to a specialist in Hamburg. We only tried it with Medikinet adult .. I did not notice my change, but my environmentI ran Emotionsamok! also the sneaking off was not funny. since I had already tried in advance the common antidepressants, which are conducive to lack of concentration, remained virtually just Strattera. Strattera is not long been prescribed, especially for adults it will probably only paid in recent years. I started with 40 mg. After about 2-3 weeks I could suddenly follow conversations without digressing, I could read a page piece without jumping or that was not to take what I’ve read. I was able to work accurately on prescriptions or manuals .. my drive left a lot to be desired as well as my organization and perseverance. Side effects about 2 months every night Dreams also nightmares (I almost never dreamed before), more teeth crunched so fit as a sneaker, I have been awake about every 2-3 hours, dizziness, sore throat, there constantly dry throat , Positive little hunger! if you were overweight like me. In January, I went to 60 mg, I’m now more organized, disciplined. The previous side effects were soon gone (ie after about 2.5 months). However, I have since then hot flashes always about 2 hours after taking. I hope that also disappears. All in all, even though I have a lot of prescriptions for these medications, after many years of recurring failure, I can finally take my life back in my hands and can trust myself and my brain more and more every day. It is certainly not a miracle cure – I thought also, if I take it, I go to Günther Jauch and clear first of the million – so it is unfortunately not. Without therapy (ergo / behavior) you should not do it.

  4. Anglea B. Dugan says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello, I took Straterra for several years. During these years I had various side effects. In addition to anxiety, lack of appetite and heart pain, the worst was a stinging itch. I can only advise against consuming this medication unless it is in a phase where it is really necessary. I speak from experience I have been taking it for 5 years. In addition, after 5 years, the man has lived to be well and concentrated and it is difficult to get away from it again. lg

    Side effects: Anorexia
  5. Jerry M. Middleton says:
    3.5 rating

    Strattera for Adh syndrome

    Our son was prescribed Strattera at the age of 5 after suffering serious side effects after 6 weeks. Today we feel guilty about having to do this to the little one, but the pressure of the society and the hope of parents to help our children did the rest 🙁 The little one suffered from immense side effects that started slowly, he had constantly stomach ache, not hungry any more, had strong dark circles, nightmares every night from which he awoke screaming 3-4x in the evening, to hallucinations. Every day there were white sweat marks on his nightwear which we could not explain, he complained several times about chest pains, about rubber in the head and pain in the penis when he then also went to bed, and 2 days later behind the door, it was enough for us and we have n discontinued immediately. Our son was already clean and dry for 2 years! he was getting better and better from day one, and now we are blaming ourselves for ever having tried medication. We can only warn everyone, please do not give this medicine to your children.

    Side effects: Stomach pain; Anorexia
  6. George T. Lewis says:
    4.0 rating

    Strattera for Adh syndrome

    Sleep Disorder Sleep Problems Loss of appetite after Strattera was taken 4 months, I got depression, my liver values were increased so I had to take less. Have now switched to Medikinet and get along quite well with it