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  1. Tonya W. Alvarez says:
    4.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Tendinitis

    I started using Arcoxia 90mg 7 days ago, the first two were in the evening and without any major discomfort, but without any real pain relief. My doctor makes me take the tablets in the evening before going to sleep, because the pain through the relaxation at night would probably be worse than during the day. With each day I took the pills, the pain was less breastfed and the side effects bigger, now for three days have an absolute loss of appetite, sleep disorders and headaches, to the normal (very strong) pain of tendinosis. Have the drug discontinued and use prescribed by my doctor Ibu600 3x daily. Short to my person, 20 years young, female, 160cm tall and 55 kg heavy – according to my doctor, the tablets should have been effective, since I was half a person.

    Side effects: Anorexia; Insomnia
  2. Tonya K. Grier says:
    4.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Disc prolapse

    severe poisoning after 12 days: low blood pressure, skin irritation / rash, shortness of breath, constricted chest, stinging abdominal pain (especially after a meal), diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, loss of appetite, weakness / fatigue, headache, sore throat, dry mouth, dry nasal membranes, Change in the sense of smell, blurred vision, aggravation of tinnitus, dizziness, hot flashes after discontinuation of the drug (up to a week) severe headache (especially when lying down), sleep disorders

  3. William D. Conover says:
    3.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Pain (back)

    Full program as per leaflet: Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, heart rhythm disturbances. However, the desired analgesic effect of the strong back pain did not occur.

  4. Cliff S. Hughes says:
    4.0 rating

    Arcoxia for Pain (acute)

    Hello had for three weeks constant headache that slowly crept in. Since it had started over the Christmas holidays, I already had a palette of pain medication (aspirin, paracetamol, neproxen,) through. Finally after the holidays, I had been able to visit my surgeon who knew that I had a cervical spine incident but never made any serious complaints. I got after a very painful infiltration, still stimulation current and the drug Arcoxia 120 mg. By noon, my headache had lessened a bit, but in the evening they got stronger again. The next morning I took again 1 tabl. Arcxia 120 mg and lo and behold, my headache was lighter again, but was never completely weg.Jedoch it was again possible to wash my hair again, which was already 2 weeks was no longer possible , Late in the afternoon the pain came back. My side effects: – itching all over (very extreme) – odor sensation (any kind of scents (deodorant, cooking odors, caused me extreme nausea) – lack of appetite, – stomach pain – flatulence – dizziness Now I am on 30 drops of Novalgin & 20 Drop of tilidine, which I tolerate much better.

  5. Odessa J. Yanez says:
    3.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Arthritis

    Fatigue, drowsiness, feeling like drinking too much alcohol … dizziness, loss of appetite, listlessness, nausea, general gastrointestinal upset

  6. Ruby J. Waiters says:
    4.0 rating

    Arcoxia for Arthritis

    acute malaise, dizziness, fatigue in the daytime sleep disturbance, absence of period, loss of appetite (must force me to eat something), headache, tingling and circulatory disorders in the left affected leg and foot (additional stimulation current therapy-easy improvement) -enormal lack of concentration! Conclusion: To help against the pain but to extreme side effects (Abgesetzt) Let me continue to treat the Ostheopaten (the best that could happen to me) and will first let the fingers of this drug (but everyone should first try it yourself)