Allergic reaction effect of Ciprofloxacin

We have 551 consumer reports for Ciprofloxacin. Allergic reaction effect occurred in 2%.

Patients statistics on Allergic reaction side effect for Ciprofloxacin


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Ciprofloxacin Circle Diagram 9 consumers of 551 reported about Allergic reaction

  1. Frank M. Zielinski says:
    2.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Fever

    Rash, blisters all over, severe itching, long lasting.

    Side effects: Allergic reaction
  2. Richard M. Wright says:
    3.0 rating

    On the first day jerking and frightening. On the second day cramps, eyes problems panic attacks. On the third day cramps increase, pain in muscles and joints, double vision, hallucinations extreme panic.

    Side effects: Allergic reaction
  3. Martin D. Coleman says:
    2.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bacterial infection

    I had allergic shock to this antibiotic: shortness of breath, drop in blood pressure, impending collapse

    Side effects: Allergic reaction