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  1. Hallie J. Kim says:
    4.5 rating

    Lamictal for Epilepsy

    I’ve been taking Lamictal for 10 years now, before that I took Timonil and Leptilan. At Timonil, there were audiobooks once a month (all as seen in the VCR’s search sweep), which disappeared with Lamictal. In Lamictal in recent years after the long-term treatment, concentration disorders, word finding disorders, forgetfulness and severe back pain caused by diagnosed osteoarthritis in the spine on. Yesterday I saw a documentary on television about the addition of aluminum in drugs as an active agent enhancer and the effects. The film totally shocked me, describing the very symptoms I had, the feeling of dementia and the waning bone. I searched the internet for the ingredients of Lamictal and lo and behold, it is aluminum in the drug. The film wrote about how toxic aluminum affects the body and how it can not be excreted. So I am permanently poisoned. I’ll drop the drug as soon as possible and take something else. I can only warn against it. My back pain and stiffness have become unbearable, I can not sit in a position for long, stand or lie down. It hurts like hell. I’m seizure-free with Lamictal, but the side effects are too bad for me. Especially the word finding disorders and the lack of concentration, which has become much stronger through Lamictal. I’m also angry with the doctors I’ve been with and they’ve all said how good Lamictal is and how tolerable it is. I have often wanted a different medication, but I was always advised against it because I am seizure-free and would be so well-adjusted. In addition, I often have depression and delusions, feel persecuted and perceive people as a threat. Also, the muscle twitching described on the package insert I have. However, they did occur before I took Lamictal, then I took Timonil when I had muscle twitching on my face that occurs in stressful situations and has not been resolved to this day.

  2. Dennis E. Bechtol says:
    4.0 rating

    Lamictal for Epilepsy

    About me: I have epilepsy (6 years) originally as a complex-focal seizure and not through Lamictal anymore, but rarely do I have auras. No loss of consciousness. Current DOsis is 200-0-200mg (since 4 years). (Previously Topamax etc. with dangerous side effects, such as kidney stone, renal colic, aphasia.) Recently, I have Lamictal Phlafstörungen, mood swings (manic-depressive), throughout an annoying feeling of happiness, from time to time aggressive, high lipid value (I need GV , Ejaculation, masturbate every day, otherwise I will break). I need MEdi recommendations, against SChaf disorders and too much happiness.