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  1. Michele J. Bricker says:
    4.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Neuropathy

    The side effects with me by taking only 1x, then 2x and finally 3x a day. It went with dizziness, then I got my everyday life not regulated, the daily routines I could not coordinate. Dry mouth, was next to the track, suddenly did not see the steps of the stairs and fell down. At night in bed, when I lay and closed my eyes, the bed turned and drove carousel with me. Speech difficulties, could not speak the simplest sentences. Then I was very depressed and aggressive. The next time I howled in a tour. I did not have anything to do with myself, I was no longer myself. I discontinued this medication gradually, as it had no effect whatsoever.

  2. Anna M. Dansby says:
    4.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Shingles; Neuralgia

    In the first 3 weeks: drowsiness, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, listlessness, weakness, hardly any strength left to go out, sociophobic attacks, depression, indifference, lack of concentration / memory disorders, word finding disorders. However, already after 5 days, an effect already occurred! After the first 3 weeks to date – Depressive phases, weight gain, aggression / irritability (threshold is very low), loss of libido, difficulty concentrating, word finding disorders. I’ve been taking gabapentin for 8 months now and it really helped alleviate my nervous pain! They are not completely gone, but really only discreetly there. Unfortunately, I’ve gained 5 kg, you have to pay attention to go to the sport and should omit chocolate / chips and sweets. I took 1200 – 1500 mg. Recently, I reduced to 500 mg and was able to lose 4 kg with sports and healthy diet again. I am currently switching to Lyrica, which helps me even better against the nerve pain. With Lyrica I am completely painless.

  3. Kayla C. Libby says:
    4.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Epilepsy

    I am still dosing and it will take about 1 month until I reach the target dose. As far as the compatibility is good – what diarrhea, gangrene, headaches, stomach problems, etc. concerns. Fortunately, that did not happen. But but dizziness, fatigue u. Drowsiness, aggressiveness. I have to do VERY concentrated my work and prefer to look twice before I put something as done. For now I like to confuse letters and have number-winners in it. As you say, I’m right next to the cap. I can not say that I’m gaining weight, but rather the opposite – I’m losing weight like a tear-off calendar. With the dosing is also stupid: beginning 1-0-0 to zeimal daily u. now, at the higher dose, again only 1-0-0 for 10 days. Therefore, I have slight withdrawal symptoms at noon. Unpleasant. There are also occasional seizures, but they do not get through properly. That’s really hard. I hope that once the dosing is over, the unpleasant side effects disappear and the seizures no longer occur so frequently. Despite everything, an improvement I could already fetstellen. With everything else, I say: Take it with humor, there you have to go through. I’m also fortunate enough to have knowledgeable colleagues.

  4. Stacy J. Shahan says:
    3.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Pain (acute); Pain (chronic)

    Taking medication after sports accident in August 2007. Triplet foot, 3 surgeries …. in between cases of pain recurrently irregular Novaminsulfon 1000 taken … many investigations were carried out, which lasted all over a year. Then at some point to the neurologist, who prescribed the tablets for me. First normal dose, then double for 3 weeks … then back down to the normal dose …. finally crawl out 3-4 weeks … The tablets help well, the side effects I take into account. Glad someone could finally help me. Side effects occurred with me many different, to varying degrees. Et al Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, gaining weight, aggression, irritability, thought disorders, memory disorders, restlessness, listlessness, thirst, gait disorders and nervousness …

  5. Mitsue H. Block says:
    4.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Pain (chronic)

    I suffer from endometriosis, a benign but very painful gynecological condition in which adhesions in the abdomen cause permanent pain. I am therefore treated as a chronic pain patient. Among other preparations u.a. Targin, a prolonged-release opiate (evenly dispensing), received gabapentin in a dosage of 3x 100mg per day, which I tolerated well. Gapapentin was increased to 3 x 300mg when the pain pattern changed. Already in the intermediate dosing of 3 x 200mg side effects arose, which intensified with final dosage of 3 x 300mg. These are in outstanding form: loss of memory, I could not remember jobs completed in my job or things that my partner told me the day before. I could have taken an oath to not have done this job or that my partner would never have said that. I had constant fatigue, headaches and was irritable, my partner said I was very aggressive. I had the worst nightmares in which I hyperventilated and screamed in my sleep. Even the wake-up phase lasted for seconds until I realized that my partner had woken me up and saved me from the dream. I had tachycardia, sweats and dread. Furthermore, a very distressing side effect is the loss of my orgasm ability with constant libido. Already after 2 days shutting down or stopping the medication with gabapentin, the side effects disappeared.

  6. Lisa W. Thompson says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Disc prolapse

    Aggressiveness, nervousness, depression in the form of fears of the future u. Hopelessness. But I have almost no pain and basically can do everything that I enjoy. So, ask yourself, which is better ….

  7. Winston K. Powell says:
    3.5 rating

    aggression after two weeks, after which I did sports for a week every day, the aggressiveness disappeared, but after I took a break for 3 days with the sport, I had anxiety all day and these disappeared by a single exercise on the ergometer at a heart rate of approx. 60% MHF almost completely.

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