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  1. Daniel D. Defalco says:
    3.0 rating

    I take citalopram and diazepam for the treatment of panic attacks / anxiety. Citalopram is used as a long-term drug, diazepam as an adjunct drug for acute cases. This is my second time on this medication. As side effects of citalopram, I have found: – increased perspiration – significantly varying sexual excitability – fatigue, which is exacerbated in depressive episodes – decrease in inhibitions, which is reflected for example. When you drink alcohol, especially at the beginning of the medication, you may start to feel light-headed, tired, confused – after (gradual) withdrawal, you will be normalized within a few weeks (at least that’s how it is with me), but this transition is currently. not easy to accept because of inexplicable rages and the like. In a certain way, you come back to yourself, but over corners and edges. Otherwise, citalopram has a stabilizing effect. If I experience stronger attacks of hyperventilation or an anxiety state, then I have to use diazepam – the dosage varies according to severity. As a side effect of Diazepam, I can list no other than the inner contentment to the effect of the drug (-> almost addictive). The drug works reliably, is quite well tolerated, but should not be used for nothing – otherwise it may just be too good to treat acute situations with only diazepam, which offers the drug even in less acute situations. So a little caution is not wrong when dealing with Diazepam.

  2. Theodore M. Kirby says:
    2.5 rating

    Diazepam for Epilepsy

    Topamax Poor tolerability despite varying amounts of dose and time of administration. Extreme side effects: Loss of short-term memory, speech disorders, nosebleeds, numbness of the hands and feet – the entire left arm most affected. Weight gain of 15Kg. Side effects easy: aggressiveness, balance disorders,

  3. Jennifer M. Jackson says:
    2.5 rating

    Diazepam for Pain (back); Sleep disorders

    I have taken Tilidin for about 2 years. Have taken this medication regularly. By day it was 2-3 times 50 drops. The first year I did not notice any changes to my body, but after the first year I started to increase the dosage. From 50 drops twice a day it was up to 4-5 times 50 drops, so I had to spend more money, because Tilidine costs finally 60 euros. The side effects were: less food taken to me (no hunger feeling), no more desire on school (Zero Bockphase), became lazy, got depression, could not sleep for some days, so I also diazepam, I was often sick because of this high dose of Tili, next morning had severe abdominal pain, was aggressive to each ( faster irritated), I was all the main thing I’m fine and I have Tilidin in me (indifferent), have done things that I was afraid of before and I have abhorred. After about two years, I could not nic He had more back pain and thought that this drug would be better. Alone the effect, as that of Tillidin lasts longer. And I was no longer aggressive or indifferent because of every little thing even after this drug, I later realized that this has also attacked my head and body considerably.I could not sleep and even without this opiate no more go home.Da back pain was otherwise unbearable.I could hardly run normally to the baker without To have pain.