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  1. Lawana A. Herbst says:
    5.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Aggressiveness

    At the beginning of my depression I was treated with Ciprlex and Cymbalta 30 mg, switched to Cymbalta 60 mg after 4 weeks. since then I fight with aggressive attacks – especially in connection with alcohol (a glass of wine, beer …) that occurs with you? can i hope that after a certain period of getting used to, i will not have to go through these attacks of aggression – especially that my environment no longer has to suffer? can someone give me advice? My depression is pretty good under control. But overall I felt more stable and better with the original cipralex / cymbalta combi …

    Side effects: Aggressiveness
  2. Marilyn P. Adam says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (chronic); Depression

    I take Cymbalta 60mg in the morning because of depression and chronic pain. In addition in the evening 25mg Valdoxan. The initial side effects of Cymbalta, such as aggression and sleep disturbance, diminished after about 4 weeks and an improvement in mood also occurred relatively quickly. The drive-increasing effect has occurred only moderately with me. The chronic pain (fibromyalgia) could not be influenced by this drug and thus I take additionally Valoron, Ibuprofen and Katadolone as needed. Other side effects include poor concentration and memory as well as dizziness. All in all, I tolerate Cymbalta very well and hope for further improvement. It is also positive that I could not find any weight changes. In the beginning, I even lost a few pounds, which has since re-regulated.

  3. Alfredia K. Love says:
    3.5 rating

    Because of migraine and depression or depressive phases, I got this medicine very easily prescribed, with much hope for an improvement of my mental situation. The initial signs of constipation, lack of concentration and altered appetite passed away after a week, when the body settled in … 30 mg Cymbalta were enough, I had to replace the 60 mg pack, I was extremely tired and could not help it except to sleep. after half a year of taking cymbalta 30 mg I had to use the 60mg pack. I seem to have gotten used to it, with increased stress the 30 mg could not catch me anymore. So I think you get used to this drug. The next thing I really want to confirm is that I’ve become calmer, duller and quieter. My environment has gotten very easy with me. a sunshine.tralalala … you could insult me and I did not even feel like defending myself. I have taken everything, done, what had to be done, even if the rest of the family sat and watched TV, I cleaned and washed and so on … it did not bother me that I was the only one to take care of everything. no more quarrels went out of me, contentment and happiness and sun … even my daily jogging laps, I have painlessly, shivered and turned on. felt a bit doped, but not dissatisfied. but somehow I’m not who I am anymore. the search for the meaning of life has made me for years. I could clamp that with cymbalta too – the world is chick and great, why do not the other dissatisfied people see? So if you want to kitten his marriage – no problem, with cymbalta go. only in bed not. everything is deaf zero emotions. okay. Now I was with the doctor, he does not want to continue to prescribe cymbalta to me. but have no desire to torture me with a complicated and long visit to the doctor every three months. why not experience everything as before. I do not want to be dependent. not from cymbalta and not from the doctor. not like that either. I do not feel free, if I keep this up. especially since I had actually planned half a year by trying it out. so advantage of cymbalta: on the one hand, I feel more in my midst, on the other hand dependent on the outer. Since I was heroin dependent, I know what it’s like to be happy with drug. one feels in his middle, invulnerable, strong. but only with it. I want to achieve this strength even without drug, without cymbalta. if it’s meditation, sport, or another lifestyle or alternative remedy – but something that I can do myself. without help or dependence from outside. So I have not taken a cymbalta for about a week. I had a few days off. I can drop it off. sneaking out never worked because I never dropped it off completely, so I took it every day or every other day. I have to be really convinced of the correctness of my work, otherwise I can not prevail against the cymbalta – it has already made me at least mentally dependent. since the weaning I have the following problems: surges rushing in the head dizziness tingling in hands and feet am only arguing, do not hold still, no, I say what bothers me. Of course this is unusual after nine months, the family finds me very exhausting … actually I have a crisis. My blood pressure is spinning too. but also diarrhea: I am passionate. I’m looking for spiritual again. I see meaning in what I do. at the same time the other extreme: no sense. I want to finish this life. not yourself. not out of hand. but it is enough. I do not need more now. then new ideas. what I still want to do only this dizziness: this terrible dizziness annoys me. I do not know. I feel as if I had drunk alcohol. very unpleasant feeling. but it will pass. then suddenly tears. I can cry all of a sudden. In the nine months of Cymbalta I did not cry a single time. not really. I would only be interested in how long it takes for the settling down and everything is back to normal. then I can fast. I will surely fast one week. I’m looking forward to. that is not possible with cymbalta. you can not fast, do not go through your will. everything is so-so. whatever comes, is made or accepted as it is. one has no passion. One is the perfect customized cash machine. Just get a cola or whatever you want on me. yes – I will live through everything. from now on. I’ll accept migraine or depression or something as part of my existence and finish. the experiment cymbalta is over. achso:

  4. Gregory V. Hathaway says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    very strong aggressiveness, cruelty, indifference, often diarrhea, libido loss and libido enhancement, sweating at night, heart racing, day sweating, feeling no longer being yourself: often says of himself he is alienated (due to sudden aggressiveness or anger), ejaculation problem: bleeding and lightning while, partner often and only since taking cymbalta 60mg beaten to sleep while each time a nightmarish nightmare, lack of motivation, increased depression (the mean cymbalta 30mg and 60mg, as zollof before, were prescribed against it) suicidal thoughts: at times, nausea the first time ingestion, lability, forgetfulness, dependency: nothing can decide for oneself without the opinion of others, of the therapist. personality change.

  5. John D. Phillips says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Fatigue; Pain (chronic)

    First, the tilidine dosage (including drops) was continuously increased to the maximum level of tolerability. Side effects are increased aggression, search for conflicts, limited perceptions, limited judgment. In combination with Cymbalta, first connected with drowsiness, then irrational perception (discussion with my beard hair, conversations with cupboard, suicidal thoughts, after repeated change of dosage (Cymbalta more, tilidine less) and timely ingestion -all 12 hours- decrease in pain Tolleranzgefühl disturbed and increasing Aggresivität.May not even stop the medication.A few weeks ago, the first suicide attempt.

    Side effects: Aggressiveness
  6. Carlos V. Lowe says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Personality disorders; Social phobia; Depression

    At the beginning of taking Cymbalta 30mg capsules I suffered daily from permanent tiredness, headache, increased anxiety, aggression, mild confusion, increased sweating, increased high blood pressure and general malaise. The above side effects resolved almost completely after about 4-6 weeks. For several months thereafter, I did not feel any positive effect of this antidepressant. However, after about six months of taking Cymbalta 60mg capsules, the full effect began with me. IMPORTANT: I strongly advise against excessive consumption of alcohol when taking Cymbalta. Experience has shown that this combination is not very well tolerated.