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We have 105 consumer reports for Salofalk. Acne effect occurred in 4%.

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  1. Norman J. Owens says:
    4.0 rating

    for 4monaten had my son the first push is 9j.bis a doctor noticed he has indeed really taken off. the doctor thought the child did not want to school and flaxte.nun the doctor has finally done something he sent him to the hospital because we were not long and it was already going on with investigation. it was the first push one took to swallow hose and down no, he gets since the salofalk, 2x500mg, 1x250mg.2x2decortin, 1ximurck.was well after 10 days geschlagen.bin I’m really happy about it , but now the face swells like a full moon, no feeling of satiety has increased much too fast I think of26kg-31kg in 28tagen.akne slowly comes to a place first but always down, frizzle on the neck and upper body. Tomorrow we have the first appointment Professor of the klinik.da I’m curious what is coming.oder whether something is discontinued.

    Side effects: Acne; Increase in weight
  2. Eve G. Butcher says:
    3.0 rating

    Salofalk for Ulcerative colitis

    Decortin H 50MG for the treatment of ulcerative colitis Side effects: Increased intraocular pressure, dry eyes, full moon face, no satiety, acne, missed menstrual periods, dizziness, headache Currently dropped to 40MG, side effects still persistent In addition Salofalk 500MG Side effects: None known since along with Decortin H 50MG applied (see above) Decreasing the dose makes illness worse

  3. Charles B. Prom says:
    2.0 rating

    Salofalk for Ulcerative colitis

    Salofalk: Did not have an effect more than I took alone in conjunction with prednisolone they have worked better. Got dizzy spells, nausea and was knocked off. Prednisolone. She helped a lot but then had to drop off but took a toe and got acne. Highest dose was 80mg!