Seroquel for Unrest treatment

We have 791 consumer reports for treatment of Unrest with Seroquel. Unrest used in 1% of cases.

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5′ 6″

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  1. John A. Marks says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Heart rhythm disturbances; Unrest; Sleep disorders

    at the drug tavor I noticed that I did not care, next to me a bomb could have gone up. I could even concentrate on puzzling that was impossible for me before. Of course, the drug has a disadvantage. on weaning you tremble like an alcoholic 🙁

  2. Richard C. Baker says:
    1.5 rating

    Seroquel for Unrest

    Both drugs have yet to take effect until a few days.

    Side effects: No side effects
  3. Nancy W. Appling says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Unrest

    I have a schizoaffective psychosis, I am depressed, manic and psychotic. All at the same time. These conditions are muted by the many medications, they are not quite gone. To get this constant back and forth better, I have been prescribed Prolong. But sometimes my conditions are stronger than Prolong, and then it does not help anymore. I’m either too tired, too restless or too depressed. I wanted more balance with myself. Prolong does not do that. I have few side effects. Better to say, I gained 8 KG. Not bad with me.

    Side effects: Increase in weight