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We have 344 consumer reports for treatment of To cough with Clarithromycin. To cough used in 2% of cases.

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  1. Nan S. May says:
    3.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for To cough

    Drug was fast, but many side effects: nausea, mega headache, about 2 hours after taking any bitter taste in the mouth, insomnia v.a. in the early morning, itching

  2. Kayla R. Cote says:
    4.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for To cough

    Hello, I got the drug prescribed by my doctor today because I have been suffering from one or more colds for weeks. I took the first tablet around 10.30 am and had acute side effects: an overflow here. All side effects gradually appeared in parallel. Taking the first tablet 10.30 clock: 12:00 o’clock suddenly appearing severe nausea 12:30 o’clock mild heart rate 12:45 clock strong tachycardia, initial disorientation 13:00 clock dizziness, weak knees, overwhelming weakness in the whole body, speech difficulties then have me immediately packed in bed. Otherwise I have little problems with medication but this one almost killed me, I think. I had very painful heart spasms throughout the afternoon, increased heart rate and panic. It is a scary feeling when you feel how your own heart is cramping and only seconds later / weiterraast. In addition, I could hardly move, my legs and arms were as heavy as if I had to carry 100 talents. I was incredibly thirsty and when my husband came home, he said that my face was completely puffy and pale as lime. Meanwhile, the intake is 10 h ago and I still have a headache and swollen mucous membranes in the mouth. Feels like after an anesthetic injection at the dentist. I will discontinue taking it immediately, because I think a wide pill of this kind would have dire consequences for me. Can not give any recommendation for this medicine.