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  1. Christine C. Dery says:
    4.0 rating

    Clopidogrel for Thrombosis prophylaxis

    Hello, coincidentally, I have just read the comment of an 80-year-old gentleman from 6.5.12 as an unwanted side effect of clopidogrel: it is unbelievable, exactly the same happened to my husband, however, 84 years .: We had a few days leave of Our children in Heringsdorf received in April, had so much looking forward to it. My husband had taken the drug clopidogrel for about 4 days. So there in Heringsdorf he got a huge rash on the whole body, but not on the head. The left leg also swelled quite a lot, then started a ulcus cruris with a lot of pain, which are still very large today, because the ulcus spread more and more since April. We first thought that he did not tolerate the water there or the sheets. Back to the family doctor, who then sent my husband to the dermatologist. She then discovered a drug allergy and researched that this clopidogrel can cause such severe skin changes on the legs. The drug was discontinued, and the rash disappeared immediately, only with the ulcus we have still hard to do. My husband had already been to the clinic twice, although it was also found by catheters that the arteries and the artificial bypass on the left leg (for 12 years) are now no longer very permeable. But in these 12 years, my husband never had a job again, just as the Lord described it. It’s so curious !!! The clinicians now hope that, even after an infusion, small vessels form, which take over the circulation in the leg. If my husband had not come to the hospital, we would not have learned that the vessels are not so permeable anymore. Neither the doctors nor we are enthusiastic about an operation, especially as there is no vessel left in the leg that could be taken for a new bypass, and the age for such an operation is no longer optimal. At the moment it looks like the wounds are starting to grow again. But the months since April were already intense, because the pain was and still is so great. We bought 3 pairs of bandage shoes ourselves, and yet it hurts every step. Since the hospital stay, my husband also gets very strong painkillers (Targin and Lyrica), which clog his circulation quite nicely. I’m just so glad that I’ve read this report from the Lord: so the cause of ulcus is the drug! We did not really care, except the dermatologist. Thank you for your report, and now we have hope again that the drama will soon be over. Incidentally, since April I take this drug and tolerate it well, just like the wife of this gentleman. All the best with less pain I.R.

    Side effects: Skin rash
  2. Joseph M. Lynch says:
    3.0 rating

    Clopidogrel for Thrombosis prophylaxis

    Hello, I’m over 80 years old, I’ve been taking ass100 since I have 4 bypasses. My family doctor said it now good with me and prescribed me clopidogrel. After a few days, I got a terrible rash on the whole body, except the head. The left leg became more and more swollen and I got ulcus cruris (I had had a bypass on the leg 11 years ago and have never had an open leg ever since!) Now I’m in terrible pain because of the wound, of course heals very badly. Do not get in any shoe. The dermatologist recognized the drug intolerance (the family doctor did not!), And since I discontinued the clopidogrel, the rash disappeared immediately. Only I have just got to deal with the leg. My wife has the drug well tolerated.

    Side effects: Skin rash
  3. Andrew R. Carlin says:
    3.5 rating

    Clopidogrel for Thrombosis prophylaxis

    from my family doctor got instead of Plavix (too expensive) the cashier did not want to pay more, clopidogrel prescribed. After 8 days I got hand-sized red spots on the inner legs. I stopped the medicine and after about 8 days the red spots disappeared. Afterwards I took the medicine Clopidogrel again. After about 8-10 days I got on both sides in knee height again hand-sized red spots. As a result, I informed the health insurance company of the events. Since then I get again Plavix paid by the health insurance. I immediately discontinued clopidogrel and made it available to my family doctor

    Side effects: Skin rash