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  1. Jeremy O. Holmes says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Thinking disorders; Social phobia; Depression

    I have only been taking Lyrica 75mg for one day with Citalopram 20mg (antidepressants). I suffer for years from a social phobia, in addition to depression, nervousness, strong pondering, which sometimes turns into turf. Immediately after taking it, about 3 hours, I noticed an effect and something like a light daze. Half an hour later you noticed a kind of happiness, which is persistent, you became calmer and the brooding stopped unbelievably abruptly! That was really stressful, because it had really depressive phases. Now I have a feeling that makes the reflection absolutely uninteresting, it does not matter anymore. Really redeeming! You can laugh again and feel really balanced after the short time, much better in terms of the condition. Let’s see how it looks in 3 weeks when the full effect begins. I am already positively surprised! Had other medicines, but I’ve never had such a good effect! My psychotherapist recommended it to me, had very good experiences with his patients and I can only agree. The feeling is really like being light on drugs (in a positive sense), I do not care, I feel better. 🙂

    Side effects: Dizziness
  2. Floyd D. Jones says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Thinking disorders; High blood pressure; Paresthesia; Pain (acute); Polyneuropathie

    After about 10 days of taking Lyrica swollen legs and occasionally swollen eyes, (sometimes stinging in the kidney area) Now, after three weeks: swollen legs, highly visible dents (socks) and noticeable when walking (especially knees), swollen fingers, often shortness of breath , Heart complaints, slight nausea, indigestion Acceptable: drowsiness, rarely slight mood elevation / euphoria