Alprazolam for Stress treatment

We have 100 consumer reports for treatment of Stress with Alprazolam. Stress used in 3% of cases.

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  1. Marian G. White says:
    4.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Stress

    Get the drug because of anxiety and panic disorder and stress reduction in addition to medications for psychesia, as a need medication and can only say positive. Had this medi. Get Tavor and it does not tolerate or allergic reacted. So that it had to be discontinued. So far I have no side effects with this drug – except for mild fatigue and a high dose a slight dizziness. However, this may also be due to the other psychotropic drugs that I still need to take.

    Side effects: Dizziness; Fatigue
  2. Kathy L. Barrett says:
    1.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Stress

    The first 3 days after ingestion in a relatively short time fell asleep. Sleep phases of 3-4 hours alone dr. Drug. Otherwise, gait disorders, fatigue, drowsiness, on 5 d dizziness. Reduzierg. v. 3 on 1/2 tablets, high and low mood. Effective in the short term, but nothing for permanent disorders.

    Side effects: Gang trouble; Dizziness; Fatigue
  3. Evelyn C. Jackson says:
    3.5 rating

    Alprazolam for Stress; Sleep disorders

    Tiredness, gait disturbances, disturbance of equilibrium, slight dizziness. Fixes after a few hours na. D. Ingestion. The symptoms may still be on the nä. Tomorrow, if you take the evening tablet.

    Side effects: Gang trouble; Dizziness; Fatigue