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  1. Erica S. Hilliard says:
    1.5 rating

    Alprazolam for Social phobia

    At first pleasant soothing, gradually increasing the dose because of tolerance, paradoxical effect: drive-enhancing, aggressive, cheeky

    Side effects: Aggressiveness
  2. James M. Chism says:
    5.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Social phobia

    I am suffering from a social phobia since I was 19 years old. At first I realized that I got shaky hands and sweat a lot … so I had to change T-shirts even at school. As a result, I was given this diagnosis by the neurologist and he prescribed me moclobemide … which did not help me at all. I then let it stay and tormented me for a few years simply through life / study time. However, since the shaking of the hands became unbearable during the study activity (biology), I simply had to go to the neurologist (other) again … this then prescribed propranolol (ß-blocker in very low dose) against tremor (essential tremor). This remedy helped me tremendously, shaking my heart and eliminating the shaky language. But there were still the fears, the strong sweating …. which cost me many years of quality of life and I continued to drag myself through life. I then rolled up the topic again at the beginning of my professional career, because I simply could not handle my day-to-day work! I had prescribed the following ADs: Paroxetine, Venlafaxine, Lyrica, Opipramol … I believe there were a few more …. the side effects of these drugs were strong to very strong, so I had to sell all …. nothing helped … I was devastated. I then left in a forum of Alprazolam and then spoke to my neurologist. He did not know what to do with me anymore and then prescribed me Alprazolam 1mg. I should only take these in emergencies. This is what I did. After the first dose, I felt very euphoric. But what may also be due to the realization that I had a new perspective! No side effects !!! Fears like blown away 9/10 I would say. But I often drank alcohol on weekends … and that did not work out at all !!! I disregarded the packing instruction ….. on the express was … no alcohol to drink. NW at higher alcohol consumption: total memory loss (retrograde amnesia, so you stoplter somewhere around and do not know where you really is, falls down and that was really dangerous !!! NO ALCOHOL is the best solution if you take these funds! Conclusion: I Take 20mg of Propranolol and 1-2x 0,5mg Alprazolam and I am feeling well 9/10! I can really live normally again! NO ALCOHOL … very important …. that can be real life threatening otherwise! In my opinion, I can only say TOP !!! No NW, except that one does not remember so well about things, especially when you take 1mg before a particularly stressful / anxiety-causing situation …. there you have maybe only still 70% -80% (estimate) Reminders as in normal condition I weigh it down … is it worth it to me … IN ALL CASES !!! Thank you that there are these 2 remedies! No tolerance development …. but you have to keep in check …. that you do not increase … simple Discipline n! This is not a stimulant but a medicine !!! I hope so … that someone like me was reading this and I could give it an impulse … not to torture half his life …. but everyone has to weigh himself whether he takes it or not. It helped me very well …. and it will be even longer!

  3. Walter G. Maldonado says:
    4.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Social phobia

    My first benzodiazepine, which was prescribed to me due to a social phobia to take it in acute situations when needed. After all the great reviews I went with great expectation to the drug. To start my studies, I had to take my first tablet (1mg), because I could barely manage to go there. Unfortunately, the drug did not help against my fears, even after another (1mg) tablet it did not help me with my fears better. Side effects were severe fatigue and difficulty concentrating, so after a 2mg Alprazolam, during a lecture, I could barely keep my eyes open.

  4. June M. Snyder says:
    2.5 rating

    Alprazolam for Social phobia

    Memory lapses, memory gaps, slurred pronunciation and strange facial expression (but is only noticed by others), in case of long habituation paradoxical effect (increased drive, partial aggressiveness, increased willingness to talk to be cheeky), while falling asleep up to 3 hours deep sleep. Impoverishment of feelings, loss of libido

    Side effects: Libido loss
  5. Trudy T. McClendon says:
    4.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Social phobia; Depression

    I have been prescribed the alprazolam as a consolation for alcohol withdrawal. I enjoyed it very much right away, especially since I then stopped taking alcohol with the Alprazolam instead of stopping with the alcohol. I live in France, this is the paradise for pills junkies, you get everything you want, from the family doctor, as long as you want, and everyone takes psychotropic drugs. When I mixed the alprazolam with pills, I became a little bit happy and loved all people, even myself. I also dared to say everything – excellent anxiolytic. I also helped it very well against menstrual pain and the anxiety and depression before the Rule .It is wonderfully relaxing and you sleep so well with it! BUT: You can not get off it. I have been on it for 11 years now. The memory is totally in front of the dogs, you can remember at all nothing more, are totally bad job, careless car driving. Write and often say things that you regret afterwards, because it seems so uninhibiting. Respect too little the distance to other people, they urge your closeness. I have to drop it off in a clinic now because I can not do it on my own after eleven years. The side effect is total dependency, total frigidity, no more sex, always tired, even more lazy than you already are, and soon you will not be able to do anything without it. Without the drug, everything gets on your nerves unbearably, especially noise, and you’re nervous, irritable, impatient, can not stand it anymore. It’s just a drug and I’m a junkie.

  6. George L. Cooke says:
    3.5 rating

    Alprazolam for Social phobia

    In the beginning, the fear was blown away, was extremely talkative, impulsive, very concentrated, had no inhibitions, was almost cheeky, arrogant, especially in combination with alcohol. However, extremely rapid tolerance development and ultimately reversal of effects, anxiety and phobia slowly resurfaced. In case of dose reduction / withdrawal extreme withdrawal symptoms, mainly nervousness, cramps in the calves, disturbance of the senses, difficulty concentrating, severe sleep disorders. Currently outpatient withdrawal.

  7. Donna M. Little says:
    3.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Social phobia

    I myself can not notice any side effects on me

    Side effects: No side effects
  8. William M. Cruz says:
    4.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Social phobia

    Best anxiety relief here that I could ever achieve with medication. For massive fears my means of choice. No (hardly) comparable fatigue as with other Benzos.

    Side effects: No side effects