Cefixime for Respiratory infections treatment

We have 65 consumer reports for treatment of Respiratory infections with Cefixime. Respiratory infections used in 8% of cases.

Patients statistics on Respiratory infections for Cefixime


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5′ 7″

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Cefixime Circle Diagram 5 consumers of 65 reported about Respiratory infections

  1. Joanna W. Day says:
    2.0 rating

    Cefixime for Respiratory infections

    I did not experience any of the side effects described. I am absolutely satisfied with the effectiveness. after five days of very severe sore throat after two days of use, the complaints went almost completely gone!

    Side effects: No side effects
  2. Mattie C. Wise says:
    4.0 rating

    Cefixime for Respiratory infections

    Since the ingestion of Cefixim (is now 3 weeks ago) I have a constant feeling in the intestine to the toilet. Sometimes comes defecation, which is slimy, sometimes comes nothing. The whole is accompanied by abdominal pain and pain in the rectum.

    Side effects: Stomach pain; Diarrhea