Cefaclor for Respiratory infections treatment

We have 112 consumer reports for treatment of Respiratory infections with Cefaclor. Respiratory infections used in 7% of cases.

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Cefaclor Circle Diagram 8 consumers of 112 reported about Respiratory infections

  1. Millie H. Hong says:
    2.0 rating

    Cefaclor for Respiratory infections

    Easy to use, fast action, as a side effect only mild tiredness. Absolutely recommended.

    Side effects: Fatigue
  2. George C. Summerville says:
    4.0 rating

    Cefaclor for Respiratory infections

    Use in case of infection with Haemophilus Parainfluaezae From the beginning of treatment slight stomach pressure, gastritis type C (demonstrably) sounded quickly after the end of therapy, changed stool, mild diarrhea, otherwise the medi helped outstandingly

    Side effects: Diarrhea
  3. Daniel M. Woodard says:
    4.5 rating

    Cefaclor for Respiratory infections

    After approx. 7 days, diarrhea, stomach / intestinal complaints, severe flatulence and, a short time later, even colitis. After 9 days then medication discontinued. The first suspicion of gastrointestinal virus should be treated according to the doctor with Buscopan suppositories, but the child left wg. the pain on the large intestine, an insertion of the suppository no longer. The leaflet says these risks, pediatrician and pharmacy have not warned and reacted wrongly to the above symptoms.

    Side effects: Diarrhea